What are the benefits of applying Wax Paint Sealant for your car?

What are the benefits of applying Wax Paint Sealant for your car?

The main purpose of a wax paint sealant application to your car’s exterior is to simply prolong its life and shine.

It’s important to understand the two main kinds of wax protections for your car

  1. Synthetic wax based paint sealants –
    1. These are usually polymer based and are completely synthetic. The benefits of synthetic wax is that it can last longer protecting your paint from contaminants like dust, grime, bird droppings, corrosion etc. it can last up 6 months or more depending on how the car is maintained after applying the sealant.
    2. It’s basically a thin film of wax that is coated on the car which offers this protection.
  2. Natural Wax
    1. Another type of wax that is available is the natural wax. One of the most common natural wax available is the Carnauba wax which is an extract from the leaves of a palm tree found mostly in Brazil.
    2. These waxes last for a much lesser duration when compared to paint sealants.
    3. They offer a slightly warmer shine which is more preferred by a majority of car enthusiasts

The main benefit of getting a synthetic paint sealant applied to your car is that it lasts for very long which means you don’t have to get it redone after every car wash. Natural wax wears off faster after a few car washes.

The synthetic wax based paint sealant is water repellant in nature which is actually very good. This prevents water from accumulating in nooks and crannies of your car’s surface thereby reducing the risk of corrosion and prevents formation of water stains and spots on the surface.

The following are the steps followed by Cartisan while applying a paint sealant. In general this is the process followed by most service providers as well.

  1. Wash the car thoroughly
  2. Dry the car thoroughly.
  3. Use a clay bar to remove surface contamination and impurities
  4. Wet sanding for stubborn dirt and stains
  5. Polishing to create shine. Rotary polishing machines are used to give maximum shine.
  6. Buff to shine
  7. Ensure that the surface is dust free and then apply the sealant.
  8. Synthetic wax based Paint Sealant is applied to an applicator pad which is rubbed along the surface of the car.
  9. After a few minutes, buff the surface with a moisture fibre cloth.
  10. On completion you will notice that the paint surface is smooth and shiny.

You can book a synthetic wax based Paint Sealant treatment for your car here

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