2012 Volkswagen Vento TDi Full Service

2012 Volkswagen Vento TDi Full Service

A customer trying out Cartisan for the first time booked a his 2012 Volkswagen Vento 2012 TDI full service with Cartisan in Bangalore.

VW Vento Full Service package

The contents of the service package that he chose is as follows –

  1. 5w-40 Synthetic Engine Oil by Mitasu – Rs. 4,500/- (approx 4.8 liters)
  2. Volkswagen Genuine Oil Filter – Rs. 800/-
  3. Volkswagen Genuine Air Filter – Rs. 800/-
  4. Volkswagen Genuine Cabin Filter – Rs. 800/-
  5. Full-Service Labour – Rs. 1,200/-
  6. Wiper Fluid & Consumables – Rs. 250/-

The total cost was approximately Rs. 8,350/-

(You can read more about “What is general service?” here)

The Cartisan Service Team arrived at the customer’s house at the scheduled date and time and the service was carried out. The car was thoroughly inspected – both visually with the help of a Cartisan Inspection Checklist, and a test drive was taken.

The car was raised up with the help of jacks and work began in the engine bay where the air filter was removed and replaced with a brand new genuine VW air filter.

Next, the engine oil was drained out completely by unscrewing the oil drain nut from underneath the car. The oil filter was then removed and replaced with a brand new genuine VW filter.

The engine block was then filled up with approximately 4.8 liters of fresh 5w-40 Synthetic Engine oil from Mitasu.

The engine was cranked and left to idle. While the engine was idling, each of the four wheels was removed.

The coolant was topped up with red coolant from Bosch. The wiper wash reservoir was filled with shampoo as well.

VW Vento brakes check

In the front, the brake pads were removed from the brake calipers. The pads had sufficient life in them and were cleaned and placed back into the brake calipers.

The rear brake drums were removed and cleaned. The brake shoes inside the brake drums were also cleaned with sand paper.

The car was then lowered to the ground. A test drive was carried out to confirm the service was completed successfully.


Watch the video of the service here! Download the Cartisan app now and book your full-service!

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