Volkswagen Polo TDi Full Service

Volkswagen Polo TDi Full Service

Cartisan recently carried out a Volkswagen Polo TDi Full Service.


A quote was provided and once the customer accepted, the Cartisan Service team arrived at his doorstep to start the service.

Volkswagen Polo TDi Full Service Process


The bonnet was popped open, the car was raised up with the help of a hydraulic jack and the service began.


Work started in the engine bay where the technician removed the old air filter from the air filter housing and replaced it with a brand new VW genuine air filter.

Next the technician poured engine flush into the engine block. The engine is then cranked and left to idle for some time.


Tip – engine flush helps flush out deposits that might have accumulated inside the car’s engine due to stop-go driving,  or if the car is well past its service interval. It keeps the engine clean and makes the newer engine more effective.

After a while, the engine is switched off and the technician drains out the oil from the engine by unscrewing the engine oil drain nut from underneath the engine block.


After the oil is drained out, the old oil filter is removed and replaced with a genuine VW oil filter.

The engine is then topped up with fresh 5W-40 synthetic engine oil and the engine is cranked and left to idle for sometime so that the oil circulates properly in the engine block.

The coolant is then topped up with new coolant.


The cabin air filter was removed and replaced with a brand new one.

The front wheels are removed one by one, the brake pads are removed from the calipers and are cleaned with sand paper.


Next, the brake drums are removed after removing each of the rear wheels. The brake liners which create the braking forces for the rear wheels are cleaned to get rid of dust after which they are sanded.


The wheels are then put back and the car is taken for a test drive to confirm that the service was completed successfully.

Servicing your Volkswagen Polo – Simplified

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