Volkswagen Passat TDI Full Service

Volkswagen Passat TDI Full Service

Cartisan recently received a service request from a customer who owns a 2012 Volkswagen Passat. The customer required a full service for which Cartisan provided the following quotation –

  1. Engine Oil – 5.5 liters of 5W-40 Shell Helix Ultra Synthetic Oil – Rs. 6,105/ –
  2. Oil Filter – VW Original – Rs. 900/-
  3. Coolant – 1 liter of Delphi Red – Rs. 230/-
  4. Air Filter – VW Original – Rs. 800/-
  5. Wiper Fluid + Consumables – Rs. 200/-
  6. Full-Service Labour – Brake cleaning, conveyance & check up – Rs. 1,600/-
  7. Water Wash – Rs. 500/-

The total quotation came up to Rs. 10,335/-. The customer accepted and the Cartisan Service Team arrived at the customer’s location to carry out the service.












The car was raised up with the help of hydraulic jacks and the work began in the engine bay where the air filter was removed from the air filter housing. The filter was dirty and was hence, replaced with a brand new VW genuine air filter.








After this, the engine oil was drained out from underneath the engine block by unscrewing the engine oil drain nut. The engine oil filter, which is located at the top of the engine block, is removed and replaced with a brand new VW genuine oil filter.



1 liter of red coolant from Delphi is also poured into the coolant reservoir.


Next, each of the four wheels was removed from their respective wheel hubs. The brake calipers were opened and the brake pads were removed. The front brake pads were nearly 60% worn and the rear brake pads were in good condition. The brake pads were cleaned and placed back inside the brake calipers.



The VW Passat is equipped with a brake wear sensor which warns the driver of the level of brake pad wear. This sensor is connected to the brake pads in the left front brake caliper only. Since the customer didn’t want to replace the front brake pads at that point of time, the sensor was not replaced.



In the end, the car was lowered down and the engine oil sump was filled up with 5.5 liters of Shell Helix Ultra synthetic engine oil. The engine was then cranked and the car was taken for a driving test to confirm that the service was completed successfully.


You can watch the video of the service carried out here!


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