Volkswagen Jetta Suspension Replacement – 1.9TDI | Bilstein

Volkswagen Jetta Suspension Replacement – 1.9TDI | Bilstein

This article is written to briefly describe a Volkswagen Jetta Suspension Replacement. The Jetta was a 2009 MK5 1.9TDI model. Cartisan used and recommends Bilstein & Febi Bilstein suspension components for your VW Jetta.



The VW Jetta


One of the first VWs to hit Indian shores was the 2009 Mk 5 Jetta. This particular model was one of the first VW’s to feature new innovations like the DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox), new gen Electronic Stability Program (ESP), dual zone climate control and electro mechanical power steering.


Apart from the unconventional good looks and big boy presence on the road, the MK5 Jetta was a fun car to drive. The steering was quick and precise and the car itself lacked body roll. The 1.9 TDI engine similar to the already popular (at the time) Laura was powerful enough to not bore you. That coupled with the DSG box and paddle shifters translated to an engaging driver experience, comparable to the likes of even BMWs and Mercedes Benz.



Volkswagen Jetta Suspension Replacement


The Cartisan Service team brought the Jetta to the Cartisan preferred workshop.


I parked the Jetta in the service bay where the Mechanic loosened the wheel lug nuts. He propped the arms of the lift underneath the chassis of the Jetta and slowly raised the car up.


The Mechanic popped the bonnet open and the suspension replacement was underway.




Tie Rod Ends & Steering Ball Joints


He removed the wheels from the Jetta and disconnected the Tie rod ends from the knuckle. The knuckle is the component that holds the wheel hub and brake components. The function of the tie rod ends coupled with the steering ball joint is to transmit forces from the steering wheel to the wheels of the car. When this component is worn out, you’ll hear a rubbing or grinding noise while rotating the steering wheel.


The Mechanic replaced the worn tie rod ends and steering ball joints  with brand new ones from Febi Bilstein.




Connecting Rods


The connecting rods are one of the most delicate components in any cars suspension. The connecting rod is connected to the sway bar of the car and its primary function is to keep the car stable while going around corners. Weak or worn out connecting rods will lead to excessive body roll when you go fast around a corner.


The Mechanic removed the worn connecting rods and replaced them with brand new ones from Febi Bilstein.



Shock Absorbers or Dampers


The shock absorbers provide a comfortable ride by absorbing the impact forces transmitted from the road to the cabin of the car. Worn out or damaged shock absorbers will lead to rattling noises and vibrations while driving. It can also lead to poor wheel alignment.


The Jetta’s front and rear shock absorbers were due for replacement.


The mounting, shock absorber, spring, buffer and boot together make up the front strut kit.


For the Jetta, the Mechanic dismantled the strut kit and reassembled it by using brand new Shock Absorbers from Bilstein and new mountings from Febi Bilstein.


The Mechanic replaced the rear shock absorbers with brand new ones from Bilstein.




The Mechanic ensured all the assembled and installed parts were secure. He mounted the wheels onto the Jetta and lowered it to the ground.


I took the car out to test drive. I could confirm that the work was a success. We returned the Jetta to the customer after getting the wheels aligned.


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