Skoda Laura Brakes Overhaul

Skoda Laura Brakes Overhaul

A loyal customer owning a Skoda Laura requested a overhaul of his car front brakes (brake pads and disc rotors). We recommended Brembo brake pads and discs for his car as a great value option as against getting new OE brakes.

Once the customer agreed to the estimate, Cartisan team had the Brembo brake pads and discs procured.

Brand new set of brake pads and disc rotors from Brembo to be used

Front wheels were removed one after another and brake pads and discs were removed after removing the calipers.

The old pads were nearly completely worn out and the disc rotors had grooves on them indicating they needed replacement as well.

Old disc and pads were removed from the wheel hub and replaced with the new Brembo ones. Calipers were fitted back.

Same was repeated with the driver side wheel as well.

The car was taken for a test drive and brakes were tested for effectiveness.

The whole fitment took just about an hour and was delivered at the customer location. The car is now ready to take on the wet monsoon season ahead.

Brembo braking systems are available for quite a few premium cars as well as popular economy segment cars and can be booked right here through Cartisan!






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