Regular Service for a 1.8L Audi A4 TFSi

Regular Service for a 1.8L Audi A4 TFSi

Cartisan recently received a service request for an Audi A4 1.8L TFSi. The car had only covered 12,500kms and was due for its 4th yearly service.

After the quotation was provided and the customer approved, the car was picked up from the customer’s location.


Initially, the Cartisan Adviser conducted a comprehensive engine health diagnostic test. The purpose of this test was to provide an engine health rating to the customer. The test was held out with the help of a proprietary mobile based application and an OBD2 dongle.


After the test was completed, the car was taken to the Cartisan Preferred Workshop where it was parked in the service bay. The bonnet was popped open and the car was raised up slightly with the help of a lift.


The engine oil filter was removed from the engine block and replaced with a brand new engine oil filter.


The air filter was removed from the air filter box and was replaced with a brand new air filter from Hengst.


The cabin air filter was located inside the cabin of the car, behind the glove box. This filter was removed and replaced with a brand new cabin air filter from Hengst.


While the filters were being replaced, technicians set about removing the tyres one by one in order to clean the brake pads. The brake pads were dismantled from the brake calipers, cleaned with the help of sandpaper and placed back into the calipers. The brake pads were in good condition and didn’t require a replacement.


The car was then raised up using the lift so that the engine oil drain nut could be unplugged from the engine block oil sump.


The coolant was also drained out partially. Fresh red coolant from Bosch was also added to the coolant reservoir.


The engine block was topped up with fresh Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 fully synthetic engine oil.


After all the parts were installed, the car was cranked and left to idle for a while. After the engine was warmed up, the car was then taken out for a drive to confirm that the service was carried out successfully.

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