2012 Range Rover Air Suspension Replacement by Cartisan

2012 Range Rover Air Suspension Replacement by Cartisan

This article is written to briefly describe a Range Rover Air Suspension Replacement service. If you’d like to read up about Air Suspensions, click here.


Range Rover Air Suspension Replacement


The owner of the Range Rover noticed that his car was sitting lower than usual at the front right end. The Cartisan Service Team carried out a preliminary inspection of the car and confirmed that the air-spring had failed.


We used the Range Rover’s chassis number to identify the exact cost of the air-spring. Next, we provided a quote to the owner for the replacement along with labour charges. The customer approved and we scheduled the replacement service.



The Cartisan Service Team arrived at the customer’s address on the agreed date and time. We had to do the service at doorstep since the Range Rover wasn’t in drivable condition. The Mechanic raised the car up using a hydraulic jack and propped the car on stands. Having removed the front wheels, the Mechanic disconnected the wheel hub and suspension linkages. Finally, he removed the complete air suspension module.



Air-Springs old (left) vs new (right)


Once the module was removed, he disconnected the air spring from the strut and replaced it with a brand new air spring. The Mechanic reconnected the suspension linkages and finally, lowered the Range Rover back to the ground. This description seems brief but the work, in fact, requires a lot of time and effort.


The Cartisan Adviser took the car out for a test drive. After test driving the Range Rover the Adviser confirmed that the work was carried out successfuly.


Range Rover Air Suspension Replacement – Simplified


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Written by Vfawke and Photographs captured by Cartisan Service Team.

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