Porsche Panamera Service

Porsche Panamera Service

One of Cartisan’s loyal customers in Delhi got his Porsche Panamera serviced (20,000km scheduled maintenance) through Cartisan last week. Here is an account of how it was delivered.

The car was taken to Cartisan network workshop where it first underwent a 4-step visual inspection first – inspected for exterior body and paint damages, interior vehicle condition, inspected for underbody condition and suspension and finally engine bay area checked.

After initial inspection, engine oil replacement was done.

Old engine oil drained out.

Old oil filter removed

New Mobil1 ESP Formula 5W30 (fully synthetic) engine oil was replaced after changing to a new genuine Hengst make oil filter.

Next is to change air filter and that requires the front bumper to be removed. The existing air filter was quite dirty and clogged and required replacement. A brand new air filter was put in its place.

Since this was a relatively low mileage vehicle, it did not require any other additional repairs or replacements. So the vehicle was taken back to the customer’s location after wheel alignment and balancing.

The car was then cleaned externally and internally using Eco-friendly cleaning foam. Followed by claying to remove stubborn dirt, sanding to remove minor scratches and swirls, polishing and 3M paste wax application and buffed with a machine to leave a lasting shine.

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