2012 Mini Cooper S Brake Pad Replacement

2012 Mini Cooper S Brake Pad Replacement

I’ve written this article to describe, briefly, how the Cartisan Service Team carried out a 2012 Mini Cooper S Brake Pad Replacement.





To this day, auto enthusiasts consider the Mini to be one of the most iconic cars of all time. English-based British Motor Corpororation (BMC) and its successors manufactured the original Mini for nearly half a century. BMC pioneered the Transverse Engine layout in the first Mini. This layout made it possible to send the power to the front wheels and which faciliated around 80% of the cars floor plan to be used to seat passengers. This engine layout was carried forward by various other manufacturers over time.


The Mini was speedy, nimble and relatively spacious. Precisely the reason it was the chosen car for the Italian Job!


Fast forward a couple of decades and BMW enters the frame. In 1994, BMW purchased the Rover Group of which Mini was a part. Thereafter, BMW  broke up the Rover Group with the former retaining the Mini brand. BMW manufactures and sells the current version of MINI’s. The Mini’s of today bear no technical resemblance to the Mini’s of yore. Save for a few styling cues of course!



Mini Cooper S R56


The particular Mini in question today is the 2012 Mini Cooper S R56. This Mini is fitted with the Prince Engine which is manufactured in BMW’s Hams Hall engine plant in Warwickshire, England. The engineering is all BMW. The engine is a turbocharger 2.0L 4-cylinder block churning out around 189 horsepower. In a car as small as the Mini, that kind of power is almost ridiculous!


The Mini Cooper S is equipped with aluminium components to reduce the overall kerb weight. The Cooper S also comes equipped with harder springs, damper and anti-roll bars. The end result of this equation? Loads of fun with power to boot.


Ever since they’ve taken over, BMW has revived the classic Mini styling in their own way along with adding measures of practicality and high technology. Therefore, the Mini is a proper car to behold. It sounds quite nice too.



2012 Mini Cooper S Brake Pad Replacement


The Cartisan Team arrived at the customers address at the prescribed date and time. Having received approval for the task at hand, the service team set to work on the Mini Cooper S.



First, the Mechanic popped open the bonnet and removed the brake fluid reservoir’s cap. He placed a hydraulic jack underneath the Cooper S and using it, raised the car up on its side. The Mechanic placed a stand underneath the chassis for support.



Once he had the respective tyres removed, the Mechanic used a wrench with the specific bits to unscrew and remove the brake calipers. He removed the brake pads from the calipers and replaced them with brand new Brembo brake pads.


To know more about Brembo Brake Components, click here.


The part numbers for the front and rear Mini Cooper S brake pads are P06051 and P06052 respectively.



After completing the brake pad installation and having screwed the calipers in place, the Mechanic mounted the wheels onto the Mini Cooper S and lowered it to the ground.



The Cartisan Adviser took the Mini out to test the brakes. He confirmed that the new Brembo brake pads installation was a success.


Mini Cooper Service & Repairs – Simplified


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