2013 Mercedes Benz C-Class C220 CDi W204 Service

2013 Mercedes Benz C-Class C220 CDi W204 Service

Cartisan recently carried out a Mercedes Benz Service. The model was a 2013 W204 C220 CDi. The car had clocked only 13,500 km on the dash but was due for its 4th annual service.


Cartisan provided the customer with a quote. The customer accepted the price and booked an appointment with Cartisan.


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2013 Mercedes Benz Service – W204 C220 CDi


The Cartisan Service team picked up the Mercedes and took it to the closest Cartisan Preferred Workshop on the scheduled date and time.



The workshop adviser parked the C-Class in the service bay and the work began.


The technician used a two post lift to raise the C220 up so that he could remove the wheels. The technician removed all the 4 wheels of the car and began removing the brake pads from their calipers. He unmounted the brake rotor from the wheel hub and cleaned it with the help of sandpaper. The technician mounted the rotor back onto the hub.



The Mercedes’ brake pads were in good condition. The technician cleaned the brake pads with sandpaper and placed them back onto the brake caliper brackets fitted to the rotors.



The technician used the lift to raise the Mercedes up further. He unscrewed the engine shield from underneath the C-Class and removed it to reveal the engine oil sump. The technician unscrewed the oil drain nut from this sump and drained the engine oil completely.



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2013 Mercedes Benz C-Class C220 CDi Filter Replacements



He unscrews the C-Class’s engine oil filter cap in the engine bay and removes the engine oil filter. He replaces the used oil filter with a brand new one from Mann Filters.



The technician removes the air filter from the air filter housing. He replaces it with a brand new air filter from Mann Filters.



The technician removes the Mercedes’s fuel filter from the engine bay and replaces it with a brand new fuel filter from Mann Filters.



The technician removes the used cabin filter. The cabin filter is located inside the cabin behind the glove compartment. He replaces it with a brand new one from Mann Filters.



The technician opens the engine oil cap and pours 6 liters of fully synthetic Mobil 1 5W-40 engine oil into the engine block. The adviser cranks the engine and confirms that all filters were installed successfully.



The workshop adviser plugs in a diagnostic tool to reset all service related warnings on the Mercedes’s dash.



He takes the C220 out for a test drive to confirm the service was a success.


The Cartisan team takes the car for suspension alignment and wheel balancing before returning the Mercedes to the customer.



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Servicing your Mercedes – Simplified

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Mercedes Benz Maintenance Costs

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