2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205 Textar Brake Pad Replacement

2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205 Textar Brake Pad Replacement

This article briefly describes a Mercedes Benz Service carried out by Cartisan. We replaced the Brake Pads using Textar brakes. The model in question was a 2016 C220 W205.


The Mercedes Benz W205 C220 CDI


Mercedes-Benz is at the pinnacle of automotive engineering at the moment. From developing the most fuel-efficient combustion engine for an F1 car to building beautifully designed and manufactured road cars, they are the ones to beat.


The new range of Mercedes-Benz road cars shows just how far ahead of the curb they are! When the new C220 broke covers, it was a proper eye-catcher. Smooth, flowy lines running all across the W205, there isn’t even a single sharp edge!


The cabin is a good blend of sports car meets pure luxury. The 3 spoke steering wheel feels chunky in your hand and is carried over from the last of the W204’s. I quite like the steering set up. It firms up as you drive faster and when you slow down for city traffic, it becomes as smooth as water.


All in all, the car is quite enjoyable. It is a Mercedes-Benz after all!


Mercedes Benz Service – Brake Pad Replacement


We arrived at the customer’s residence, equipped with the tools to carry out the rear brake pad replacement for the W205.



The Mechanic lifted the car up with the help of a hydraulic jack and place a stand underneath the W205 to secure it.


He unscrewed the wheel lug nuts and removed the rear wheel from the car to reveal the brake rotor and caliper. The Mechanic opened the brake caliper cover and removed the brake pads from it. He then installed a new set of Textar brake pads into the brake calipers and placed the caliper cover over them. The Mechanic tightened the caliper bolts to secure the brake pads. He then placed the wheel onto the wheel hub and secured the wheel lug nuts.



The C220’s right rear brake pads are equipped with a brake wear sensor. This is in order to warn the driver when the brake pads are worn enough to be replaced. The Mechanic installed brand new brake wear sensors to the W205


Finally, the Mechanic lowered the car to the ground. I took the C220 out for a test drive and confirmed that we had replaced the brake pads successfully.


Mercedes-Benz Brake Pad Replacement – Simplified


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Written by Vfawke


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