Mercedes Benz ML350 Brake Pad Replacement

Mercedes Benz ML350 Brake Pad Replacement

In this article I briefly describe a premium car repair service – Mercedes Benz ML350 Brake Pad Replacement. We installed Brembo brake pads. Here’s the low down –



Normally, our customers get in touch with us through the Cartisan app. Using it, you can request for a detailed estimate and its not charged! This is how the ML350 owner got in touch with us. We sent her a comprehensive quote for Brembo brake pads (front & rear). She accepted and, as per her convenience, Cartisan scheduled the appointment.

Mercedes Benz ML350 Brake Pad Replacement Service

As per the request, the Cartisan Service Team arrived at the customer’s location prepared to carry out the brake overhaul. The service team was equipped with all the necessary tools. Once the Cartisan adviser and technician had completed a preliminary inspection of the Mercedes, they set about readying the car for the brake pad replacement.


Work begins


First, the technician used a hydraulic jack and lifted the ML350 on one side. He removed the wheel from the Mercedes to reveal the brake pads and rotors. The technician opened the brake calipers and removed the brake pads, which were completely worn out. He then used a C-Clamp to decompress the brake piston. Afterwards, the Mechanic opened up a box of brand new Brembo brake pads.



In the meantime, the adviser inspected the car thoroughly and filled out a comprehensive inspection report, using a Cartisan app, which he then emailed to the customer.


The technician installed these new pads to the brake calipers. Similarly, the technician replaced the brake pads for the other 3 wheels. In order to warn the driver of brake wear, the Mercedes-Benz ML350 is equipped with brake wear sensors. The technician replaced these sensors too. One for each axle. Afterwards, the technician mounted all the wheels back onto the Merc and lowered it to the ground. He checked and tightened all the lug nuts sufficiently.



This completed the brake overhaul service. The adviser then took the Merc out for a test drive. He confirmed that the work was done successfully!


Mercedes-Benz Service & Repairs – Simplified

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