Mercedes Benz A-Class Service

Mercedes Benz A-Class Service

I’ve written this article to briefly describe a Mercedes Benz A Class Service carried out by the Cartisan Service Team.



Mercedes Benz A-Class Service – How to Book


If you’re here to find out about how to find a trusted service provider outside of your usual authorized service center, you’ve come to the right place. Cartisan provides a host of services for premium cars, Mercedes Benz included. Cartisan offers service such as regular maintenance work, repairs (brakes/suspension) and Painting & Dent removal.


Moreover, can request for a FREE estimate using the Cartisan app. I recommend you provide as accurate details as possible so that the Cartisan support team can respond with as accurate an estimate as possible. Thereafter, the team will schedule an appointment for the service, as per your convenience.

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Mercedes Benz A-Class Service – How its done!


The owner of the Mercedes dropped off the A-Class at the Cartisan Preferred Workshop on the specific date and time. Cartisan also offers pick up and drop by the way,  just so you know. The Cartisan Service Adviser took over the car and parked it in the service bay. The Mechanic placed the arms of the two post lift underneath the A-Class so that it could be lifted up. Before lifting the car up, the Mechanic loosened the wheel lug nuts.




Filter Replacements


Thereafter the Mechanic popped the bonnet open and removed the engine cover. He opened the air-box, which houses the air filter, and removed the used air filter. He replaced this with a brand new air filter from Mahle.


The Mechanic then replaced the cabin filter with a brand new one from the Italian manufacturer Free. This filter is located inside the cabin of the A-Class underneath the glove compartment.



Afterward, the Mechanic raised the car up using the two post lift. He proceeded to remove the engine underchassis shield so that he could access the A-Class’s under carriage. Here, he located and unscrewed the engine oil drain nut. After the engine oil was drained out completely, he placed the screw back in its place and lowered the car back to the ground.


In the engine bay, the Mechanic identified the engine oil filter and removed it from its housing. He replaced the oil filter with a brand new one from Meyle, a german spare part manufacturer.



Finally, the Mechanic opened a 4 liter bottle of 5W-40 100% fully synthetic Mitasu Engine oil and poured its contents into the A180d’s 4 cylinder engine block. After adding a further 1.5 liters, the mechanic closed the oil reservoir cap.



Brake Overhaul


The Mechanic removed the 4 wheels from the A-Class to reveal brake rotors and calipers.  The calipers house the brake pads. The Mechanic removed the brake pads from these brake calipers and cleaned them using emery/sand paper. Since the brake pads were in good condition the Mechanic placed them back into the calipers.


Left – Brake Pads in useable condition. Right – Coolant being topped up


After the brake overhaul was completed the Mechanic placed the wheels back onto the car.


The Mechanic signalled to the Cartisan adviser that the service was completed. Thereafter, the Adviser took the Merc out for a test drive to confirm that the service was carried out successfully.


Mercedes Benz Service & Repairs – Simplified


So there you have it, that’s a quick low down on the Mercedes Benz A Class Service. You can book a doorstep inspection for your premium car to get a feel of a service experience with Cartisan. You can do so on the Cartisan app or the Cartisan Website.