2006 Mercedes-Benz C200 Kompressor Suspension Overhaul

2006 Mercedes-Benz C200 Kompressor Suspension Overhaul

I’ve written this article to briefly describe a Mercedes-Benz C-Class Suspension Replacement that was carried out by the Cartisan Service Team. The model was a 2006 C200 Kompressor.



Old is Gold – Mercedes-Benz C200 Kompressor [W203]


There’s no better way to describe the W203 C200 other than – Old is Gold! There’s plenty that’s wrong with the C200. The gearbox is kind of boring. The C200 Kompressor behaves as though it needs a couple of seconds to think whenever its time to switch gears. If you switch to the semi-automatic mode, the ‘box only gives you a range of 4 gears to choose from. And not all of them fall when you want them to.


That being said, the engine is smooth and refined. Another aspect of my ‘old is gold’ tag is that the C200 is equipped with a naturally aspirated 1.8 Deutsche petrol engine churning out 160bhp! That’s an era dead and gone! The C200 cruises effortlessly on the highways and is quite quick off the mark. Maneuvering this Diva (really she is) is helped by a hydraulic steering assembly which makes you feel so connected to the car its addictive.


The interiors look like a generation ago but that also means its plush and comfortable. The buttons, control unit and steering wheel look very sophisticated. It’s interesting to see the way Mercedes has evolved their styling philosophy over the years. I’m too young to tell but I’m sure they got it right every single time.


To sum it up, the W203 C200 Kompressor wasn’t one of those cars to die for. But its one of those classics, hidden in plain sight, that will truly appeal to the petrol head in you – all sensibility and poshness aside.




Mercedes-Benz C-Class Suspension Overhaul – C200 Kompressor



I reached the Cartisan Preferred Workshop with the C200 where we were to carry out the suspension replacement. I parked the car in the service bay and the mechanics set to work by lifting the car up using the lift. The wheels were off and the service was underway. The following items were replaced as part of the suspension replacement –




Lower Control Arms – Trailing and Leading control arms


The control arms for the C200 connect the knuckle to the body of the car. The knuckle, in turn, holds the wheel bearing, the brake rotors, brake calipers and finally, the tire. The leading control arm is longer than the trailing control arm and it controls the vertical motion of the wheels. The control arm is connected to the body of the car by means of rubber bushes and to the knuckle by means of a ball joint. The arms themselves are robust but the usual wear and tear occur at the ends of the arms. For this reason, the entire arm needs to be replaced.


We replaced the leading and trailing control arms on the C200 Kompressor with brand new control arms from Febi Bilstein.



Stabilizer Links or Link Rods


The stabilizer links connect the knuckles or wheels or suspension components on both left and right sides of the car to each other by means of a sway bar or stabilizer bar. This bar maintains the balance between the suspension components on both the left side such that the car handles well when turning a corner. The stabilizer link is a slightly smaller and more delicate component since it doesn’t carry much weight, rather, acts as a link between heavier components.


We replaced the stabilizer links of the C200 Kompressor with brand new stabilizer links from Febi Bilstein.




Strut Assembly – Damper, Buufer, Boot, Mount & Spring


The damper or shock absorber absorbs the energy created when you drive over undulations or potholes and dissipates the energy by generating heat, creating a comfortable ride. A worn shock absorber leads to a loss in its damping ability which leads to a very stiff and uncomfortable ride. The damper is covered with the help of a dust boot and buufer. The damper, spring, boot, and buufer is connected to the body of the C200 with the help of a strut mount. The mount acts as a shock absorber to a certain extent. A worn strut mount leads to rattling noises when driving on rough terrain.


We replaced the dampers with new ones from TRW. The strut mount, buufer, and boot were replaced with new parts from Febi Bilstein.



After the work was completed, the Mechanics lowered the car to the ground. I took the car to the wheel alignment shop where the wheels were aligned. The technicians aligned the wheels by adjusting the tie rod ends or the toe angle of the front wheels.


Finally, I took the car for a test drive to confirm the wheels were aligned and the steering was centered.


Mercedes-Benz Suspension Replacement – Simplified


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