Mercedes-Benz C Class (W204) Brake Overhaul

Mercedes-Benz C Class (W204) Brake Overhaul

Cartisan recently received a service request from a customer who owns a 2013 Mercedes-Benz C220. The customer needed a complete brake overhaul.


The quote was provided, an appointment was scheduled, and the Cartisan Service Team arrived at the customer’s location prepared to carry out the service.


First, the bonnet was popped open and the brake fluid reservoir’s cap was opened. This is done to prevent air bubbles entering the brake fluid lines at the time of the brake overhaul. The car was then raised up with the help of hydraulic jacks and propped on stands for support.

The front wheels were opened one by one, the brake pads were removed from the brake calipers and replaced with brand new ones.

The rear wheels were then removed and the existing brake pads were replaced with new ones.

The right front brake pads and the right rear brake pads come equipped with brake wear sensors to inform the driver when the brake pads are near the end of their life. The old sensors were replaced with brand new ones during this brake overhaul.


A c-clamp is used to drive in the brake pistons of each brake caliper in order to create space to accommodate the new and thicker brake pads.


After the work was completed, the car was lowered to the ground and taken for a test drive to confirm that the brake overhaul was completed successfully.


You can view the video of the service here ! Download the Cartisan app or book a brake overhaul for your car here!

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