Mercedes-Benz Brake Pad Replacement- E250 CDI with Brembo

Mercedes-Benz Brake Pad Replacement- E250 CDI with Brembo

This article is written to briefly describe a Mercedes Benz Brake Pad Replacement. The model in question was a 2015 E250 CDI.



The Mercedes-Benz E250 CDI


While the new Mercs are sort of sleek and rounded, the Mercedes’ of the previous generation are, in my own words, sharp. The 2015 W212 comprises of largely straigh lines. That being said, in this particular W212, it seems as though Mercedes were already trialling they’re new design philosophy. The 2015 W212 was a beauty to say the least. It looked years ahead of its predecessor, thanks to the upgraded headlights and the reshaped bumper.


Step inside and again you see trailers of what finally came after. The steering wheel became a bit more chunky and sporty to hold. The infotainment system gets a software upgrade which displays more information to the driver.


To drive, the Mercedes Benz E250 feels like pure luxury backed with necessary power. It doesn’t feel too quick and thankfully, its pretty easy to drive.


Verdict : I love this car for its looks and for being a thoroughbred Mercedes Benz.



Mercedes Benz Brake Pad Replacement – 2015 E250 with Brembo Brake Pads


The Cartisan Service team arrived at the customer’s address at the prescribed date and time. We parked the car on some clean and level ground and the Mechanic placed his hydraulic jack underneath the W212 to raise it up.



Before raising the car up, the Mechanic popped open the bonnet, loosened the wheel lug nuts and opened the brake reservoir cap.


The Mechanic then jacked the car up and placed a stand underneath to provide additional support. He removed the front wheels first. The Mechanic removed the brake pads from the front brake calipers. The brake pads were around 80% worn and were due for replacement. The Mechanic installed a set of brand new Brembo brake pads in place of the old.



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The part number of the front brake pads : P 50 069



In a similar manner, the Mechanic replaced the rear brake pads with brand new Brembo brake pads. Part number : P 50 052



The Mechanic also replaced the brake wear sensor for the front and rear wheels for the Mercedes.



After replacing both front & rear brake pads, the Mechanic lowered the car to the ground. I cranked the engine, pumped the brake pedal and took the car out for a test drive.


Mercedes Benz Service & Repairs – Simplified


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Watch the video of the service carried out in the player below!



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