Mercedes-Benz A180d Service

Mercedes-Benz A180d Service

This article briefly describes a Mercedes-Benz A-Class Service that was carried out by my team and I. The model was a 2013 A180d.



Mercedes-Benz A180d – Quick Review

The A180d is the smallest Mercedes branded car you can buy in India or for that matter, anywhere in the world. This particular A180d was fitted with a diesel engine.


Apart from the latest generation Mercedes-Benz styling which is classy at best, there’s nothing really attractive about the A180d. The exteriors are not particularly good looking. After you’ve paid around 28L to Mercedes and you get behind the rather chunky and sporty steering wheel, you’re probably going to be disappointed with what you actually get! In short, the engine is somewhat underpowered.


At cruising speeds, the A180d feels at home. It’s quick on its feet but at the same time, when you put your foot down and build the revs, it feels sluggish and out of its comfort zone. Despite its small size, you get a big car feel when you’re inside the cabin which I’m sure appeals to some. But when driving in the city, this isn’t quite ideal.


So, why would you buy the A180d? Its probably for the coveted 3-pointed star badge!



Mercedes-Benz A-Class Service – 2013 A180d


After I reached the Cartisan Preferred Workshop, I parked the A180d in the service bay. The Mechanic propped the arms of the two post lift underneath the A180d. He popped open the bonnet and removed the engine cover.



Using the lift, the Mechanic raised the car above the ground until he could stand underneath the car and remove the under-chassis shield that covers the engine block. He removed the shield to reveal the engine oil drain nut. The Mechanic unscrewed the engine oil drain nut and completely drained out the engine oil from the engine block.



Filter Replacements


The Mechanic lowered the A180d down to the ground. He opened the air filter housing and removed the dirty air filter. The Mechanic installed a brand new air filter from Mann Filter inside the filter housing and screwed it shut.



He unscrewed the oil filter cap from the engine block and removed the engine oil filter. The Mechanic replaced the oil filter with a brand new oil filter from Mann Filter.



The fuel filter of the A180d is located in an odd position – between the engine block and the cabin. This made it difficult and time consuming for the Mechanic to remove it. Once he removed the used fuel filter, he installed a brand new fuel filter from Mann Filter.



Vehicle manufacturers as well as Cartisan highly recommends you replace the AC filter of your car during every service. Considering the pollution levels in our cities, its definitely the right thing to do. The Mechanic removed the AC filter from behind the glove compartment and installed a brand new AC filter from Mann Filter.


Brake Overhaul


The A180d had sufficient life in the front and rear brake pads. Nevertheless, the Mechanic removed them and cleaned them with the help of emery or sandpaper. Cleaning the brakes every periodic service is good practice to ensure good braking performance!



After the brakes were cleaned, the Mechanic opened the engine oil reservoir cap and poured approximately 5.5 liters of fully synthetic engine oil into the engine block. I cranked the engine and let it idle for a while before taking the A180d out for a test drive.


Engine Health Diagnosis


At Cartisan, we go to great lenghts to ensure that your car is running in good condition. For this, we are equipped with state of the art tech such as the Engine Health Diagnosis developed by EngineCal.


First, I connected a bluetooth dongle to the OBD2 port of the A180d. The dongle reads data from the car’s on board computer (ECU) and sends it to the Engine Insight software installed in my smartphone. The software runs a series of complex algorithm’s using the data read from the car’s ECU. As a result of the combination of driving tests and these complex algorithms, a comprehensive engine health report is generated.


The report determines the car’s engine health rating based on the rating of the following subsystems –

  • Battery System
  • Combustion Pressure
  • RPM Oscillation Analysis
  • Coolant System
  • Fuel System


For the A180d, the report generated a good score and the car’s engine was deemed healthy!


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You can also watch the video of the service on the player below!



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