2007 Maruti Suzuki Swift Petrol Full Service

2007 Maruti Suzuki Swift Petrol Full Service

The most frequently serviced vehicle at Cartisan is Swift Petrol. This post has details of how we delivered a 2007 Maruti Suzuki Swift Petrol Full service for our customer at our workshop. The service package was as follows –

  1. Bosch Semi Synthetic 5W-30 Engine Oil – Rs. 1155/-
  2. Bosch Engine Oil Filter – Rs. 160/-
  3. Cabin Filter – Rs. 350/-
  4. Air Filter – Rs. 335/-
  5. Coolant – Rs. 230/-
  6. Wiper Fluid + Consumables – Rs. 200/-
  7. Full-Service Labour Charges incl. brakes cleaning – Rs. 1200/-

The total cost was approximately Rs. 3,630/- incl. tax. The same is likely to cost around Rs 4500-4800 at any Maruti authorized workshops.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Petrol service

The car was taken to a Cartisan workshop where the service was carried out. The bonnet was popped open and the car was raised up with the help of a lift.

The work started in the engine bay where the air filter was removed from the air filter housing. It was replaced with a genuine air filter from Bosch.

Next, the engine oil was completely drained out from the engine block by unscrewing the oil drain nut which is located at the bottom of the engine block. After the oil is completely drained out, the engine oil filter is removed and replaced with a brand new oil filter from Bosch.

The coolant reservoir is topped up with red coolant from Bosch.

The engine is then filled up with approximately 4 liters of 5W-30 Semi Synthetic Oil from Bosch. The engine is then cranked and left to idle for sometime.

The cabin filter which is located behind the glove compartment of the car is removed and replaced with a brand new cabin filter.

The front wheels are then removed and the brake pads are removed from the brake calipers. The pads are worn out and are replaced with brand new brake pads from Bosch.

The rear wheels are removed, followed by the brake drums. The brake shoes are cleaned and the brake drum is mounted back onto the wheel hub.

The car is then lowered down and taken for a test drive to confirm that the work was carried out successfully.

You can watch the video here! Download the Cartisan app and book full-service for your car today!

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