Long weekend drive ahead

Long weekend drive ahead
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Khaabon Ke Parinday…’ playing in your car

Drive slow, enjoy the scenery, and smile at your loved ones.

Long drives can be magical. I love travelling, for me it is freedom. I feel exhilarated just by thinking about it. If a long drive is on your mind for this weekend, regardless of how excited you are, like me, it is important to plan and prepare before you embark on one.Here is a checklist which could ensure you are ready to hit the road.

  1. Prepare your Car

Before you depart, ensure that your car is in a good condition. Get a mechanic to inspect your vehicle. Get it done a few days before your journey, don’t leave it for the last moment.

  • Fluids (Engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, power steering oil, wiper washer etc.)

Ensure that they are at the recommended level, viscosity, and color. Or alternately get a top-up.

  • Windshield wipers

Make sure they operate without squeaking; indicating worn out wiper blades. Replace them if necessary. Click here to find out more…

  • Wheels and Tyres

Check Tyre wear and tyre pressure (Spare tyre in good condition).If you notice uneven tyre wear, wobbling or the vehicle ‘pulling’ towards left or right, time to get your wheel alignment and balance checked

  • Electricals and battery check

Get the car battery checked so you don’t have a breakdown. Top up distilled water in the battery and get the terminals cleaned if necessary

  • Brakes and suspension

Most important part of the checklist. If brake fluid level is low, brakes need to be checked. Take a road test, apply brakes, and make sure they are not too soft or too hard. Also ensure hand brake is in good condition, make necessary corrections if required.

  • Jack, tool kit and first aid kit

Make sure all of these are available in case of an emergency. Familiarize yourself with the process of changing the spare wheel.


If you are driving a rented vehicle, it is important to familiarize yourself with the car and all its equipments/ accessories (like hazard light, radio, brakes, wiper control, horn etc). Most rental car accidents occur because drivers are tinkering with radio dial or trying to find some control knob.

  1. Plan your route

Before you depart, do a quick research on the route you wish to take and sight-seeing options along the way to your destination. Figure out driving time and distance, and plan your fuel stops accordingly. When you are on an unfamiliar route and unsure when the next fuel pump will appear, don’t wait for your fuel indicator to sit on E.

  1. Safety tips

Before you depart, make sure you have enough sleep and eat something. It is advised to start early in the morning as it is less tiring,and with less traffic the drive will be more enjoyable.Remember, fatigue is one of the biggest killers on road. Even if you don’t feel tired,take a break every couple of hours; grab a bite, stretch your legs and may be some fresh air?

  1. Food

Don’t forget to drop into a local diner place in a small town because you are sure to enjoy local flavor from the food and people. However small it may appear, don’t overlook this experience as it might be a memorable one.

  1. Entertainment

Long drives require entertainment. So, prepare your long-drive playlist, pack a card game and charge your gadgets. Make sure you can recharge your equipment using car battery and engine, else purchase additional equipment.

Advice you to let the experts prepare your car while to enjoy the outside world and experience your trip for what it is.

Happy weekend! Drive Safe!

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