Keep your wipers working in the rain!

Keep your wipers working in the rain!


Engine condition – check!
Warning lights – check!
Brakes – check!
Gear – check!
Tyre pressure – check!

Safety is a critical concern for everyone. But, we easily forget that wipers are a key safety feature. We need to realize that our driving decisions are based on clear and unobstructed view of the road. We don’t realize this until we end-up driving in rain or are blinded by glare. So, it is equally important we check windshield/ wiper condition before we start our journey.
Wipers are made of rubber and rubber deteriorates naturally over a period of time due to sun, rain, salt and of course, Bangalore’s pollution. Though you can make them last for over a year if you know how to maintain them, it is advised to get your wipers replaced every six months. If you are struggling to see in rain, it means wiper rubber lost its natural properties and its past time to install new wiper blades. If you have tandem wipers, it is advised to replace both your wipers at the same time.

Signs your windshield wipers need replacement

  1. On exposure to sun over a period of time, wipers get rigid, which causes skipping
  2. As the rubber deteriorates, they lose their flexibility and develop an undesired curvature which prevents full contact with the windshield, causes streaking. Streaking is undesired in both to and fro direction of the wiper
  3. Run your finger along the wiper rubber, check if your wiper rubber is chipped as chipped rubber causes splitting
  4. Windshield wipers are expected to operate silently and if it makes noise while in operation, replace your wipers immediately




Average cost for wiper replacement

The average cost of replacement of one wiper including labor is as low as ₹599. The cost varies depending on wiper quality and make.

At Cartisan, we recommend original Bosch conventional wipers or Bosch Clear advantage wipers.

Bosch Conventional Wiper Blades are packaged with special rubber formulation to suit Indian (tropical) climate. They have large coverage and have graphite coating on wiper to ensure smoother wiping.

Bosch Clear Advantage Wipers have multiple pressure points along the length of the blade for uniform pressure on the windshield to provide consistent wiping performance. The aerodynamic design of these wipers prevents the blades from lifting off at high speeds or heavy winds.

Let your common sense and vision dictate your decision.

Drive safe!

Advantage Cartisan, hassle free wiper replacement at your doorstep.