Jaguar XFS Brake Pad Replacement

Jaguar XFS Brake Pad Replacement

written by vfawke


This article is about how we at Cartisan replaced the brake pads for a 3.0 liter V6 Jaguar XFS.


It was the 2011 XFS. Just sitting there in the customer’s basement parking, looking sleek and elegant despite that sinister 3.0 V6 under the bonnet. It’s a diesel but we don’t need to dwell on that too much. 274 brutish British horsepower. The body lines starting from the bonnet make the front end look very aggressive but as they flow around the car, they tidy up creating a good design balance between aggressiveness and simplicity.


Step inside the cabin and you know this car is premium luxury. The dashboard plastics look and feel like high quality and the center console looks futuristic with the automatic air vents. Push the start button & the massive 3.0 V6 comes to life. For a 3.0 diesel, the engine is very refined. Almost no noise enters the cabin! My only issue with the Jag is what happened next – right after you press the push start button, a large silver knob rises out of the center console which is the replacement for the gear lever. For someone who is used to and loves the feel of a traditional gear lever, this was odd.


Anyway, before I could enjoy the drive, we must set out to accomplish the purpose of my visit – replace the front & rear brake pads for this Jaguar XFS.



Jaguar Brake Pad Replacement – 2011 XFS 3.0 V6


I parked the Jag where my colleague, the Cartisan Mechanic, was waiting with the tools for the job. I popped the bonnet open and lifted it up just as the mechanic placed his hydraulic jack beneath the car. He then proceeded to loosen the wheel lug nuts for the front and rear wheels on the left side of the XFS. I unscrewed the brake fluid reservoir cap just before the mechanic used the jack to lift the Jaguar up on its side.



Work Process


The mechanic removed the front wheel of the car to reveal the XFS’s massive brake caliper and brake rotor. Our customer had already replaced the brake rotors few months earlier so we were only going to be replacing the brake pads. The mechanic unscrewed the caliper bolts holding the caliper cover to the caliper bracket and removed it to reveal the worn out front brake pad. The brake caliper for the XFS uses one larger than usual brake piston to exert braking force onto the pads. The mechanic compressed this piston using a C-clamp and the older pad so that he could make space for the new brake pads from Brembo.



We at Cartisan recommend Brembo brake components for superior braking performance for your car and in this case, even more so since we’re talking about a Jaguar XFS. This car deserves the best. If you’d like to read more about Brembo brake components, check out this link.


After the mechanic installed the new Brembo brake pads, he placed the caliper cover back onto the caliper bracket, and tightened the caliper pins so the caliper assembly was solid as a rock.


The brake warning displayed on your car’s instrument cluster indicating brake wear is caused due to the wearing out of the brake sensor head. This sensor was also replaced as part of this brake overhaul.


For this car, the front left wheel and the rear right brake pad set are fitted with wear sensors.


The mechanic repeated the same process for the rear brake overhaul. He removed the worn rear brake pads & installed a new set of Brembo rear brake pads!


Test Drive


The mechanic completed the replacement of all 4 sets of brake pads of the Jaguar and finally lowered the car to the ground.


I get behind the wheel eager to test the car out. Push button to start, the engine is fired up and i’m off. Straight away, the car feels big, planted and luxurious to drive. I mean, you won’t get such a luxury feeling when you drive a BMW despite Bimmers being superb machines. And there is almost minimal noise traveling into the cabin. Feather the throttle and the car feels as though its ever ready to get going. There is a tad bit of turbo lag but when the V6 really wakes up, you forget that in an instant due to the sheer acceleration of that powerful V6!


Working the steering wheel gives you the sense that the Jaguar XFS is a heavy car to handle. I personally loved the hydraulic steering wheel which gives you a better feel for the car.


I test the brakes and confirm that they work well.


Jaguar Brake Pad Replacement – Simplified


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Watch our brake overhaul video on the player below!

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