Jaguar XF 2.2 Diesel – Brakes Replacement

Jaguar XF 2.2 Diesel – Brakes Replacement

Cartisan had a request for brake pads replacement for a Jaguar 2.2 D XF in Gurgaon. Brakes overhaul (brake pads and in some cases disc rotors replacement) has been a best seller for Cartisan in the recent few months as customers have discovered real convenience and incredible savings they get through Cartisan compared to traditional authorized workshops.


The car was picked up (sans monogram in the front) and there was a brakes related error code on the dash – indicating brake pads needed replacement.

Jaguar XF Brakes replacement process

Brakes were removed after removing all wheels at the workshop


All brake pads were worn out and required replacement along with new set of sensors


New Textar brake pads were used along with new OE genuine brake sensors


After replacement the vehicle was taken for a test drive. Finally reset was completed for brakes to remove the error code.

Also on the request of the customer a new Jaguar monogram was installed at the front.

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