2016 Hyundai Creta Brembo Brake Pad Replacement

2016 Hyundai Creta Brembo Brake Pad Replacement

Are you looking to upgrade your Hyundai Creta’s brake pads? Cartisan recommends Brembo brake components for superior braking performance.


Here we’ve carried out a Hyundai Creta Brake Pad Replacement using Brembo brake pads. The car had clocked approximately 40,000km on the odometer.



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Hyundai Creta Brake Pad Replacement


The Cartisan Service team arrived at the customer’s location at the specified date and time, ready to carry out the service.


The Cartisan technician placed a hydraulic jack underneath the Creta and raised the car up. He unscrewed the front wheel’s lug nuts and unmounted the wheel from the hub.


The technician unscrewed the caliper pins from behind the brake caliper. He opened the caliper cover and removed the worn front brake pads from the caliper brackets. The technician removed the old caliper clips and replaced them with brand new Brembo caliper clips. The caliper clips are meant to hold the brake pads firmly inside the brake calipers.


The Cartisan technician installed brand new Brembo brake pads inside the brake calipers.


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The technician lowered the car to the ground. The Cartisan Adviser took the car out for a test drive to confirm that the work was completed successfully.


Brake Pad Replacement for your Hyundai – Simplified!


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