How to choose the right battery for your car

How to choose the right battery for your car


In order to know how to choose the right battery for your car you need to be familiar with the following terminologies. These will help you in understanding why the specified battery fits your car and what you might need in case you want an upgrade or a battery from a different brand.


Ampere Hour (Ah Rating)


This is the power rating of the battery. It determines how many amps the battery can generate per hour. The higher this value, the more powerful is the battery.


Each car will have a specific Ah rating for a compatible battery. You could check your owner’s manual or check the Ah rating value on the top side or front side of your expired battery.




There are two main types of warranty that is offered when you purchase a new battery. There’s a free replacement warranty or basic warranty and there’s a pro rata warranty.


Some manufacturers specify warranty in this format ‘basic + pro rata’. Eg: 24+24 months warranty. Basically, what this means is that if your car’s battery fails within the first 24 months, you will get a replacement for free. If your car battery fails by say the 36th month, the manufacture will cover the cost of the battery based on the duration of time it lasted for within the warranty (basic + pro rata) period. So in this case, the battery has completed 75% of its warrantied lifetime (36 out of 48 months warranty). Therefore the manufacturer will pay for 75% of the new battery and you, as the customer, will have to pay 25% of the cost of the replacement battery. You will also get a new warranty for the new battery.

Please note the computation of pro-rata warranty may vary from brand to brand.
Some tips to keep in mind when you choose the right battery for your car-


  • Never choose a battery with a lower Ah rating than what’s in your car’s user manual, as this will mean lesser battery life and starting trouble, especially when it comes to a cold start.
  • If you choose a battery with higher Ah rating, it could put excessive load on the alternator, which charges your battery while the engine is running. This could also lead to slow charging of the battery.
  • While purchasing your new battery, be sure to confirm the date of manufacture of the battery. Its best not to buy batteries which are more than 6 months old.
  • Always keep the warranty card safe in case your battery dies out within the warranty period. This will help you avail replacements.
  • Always choose a battery from a common manufacturer with a good service network in case of warranty claims and replacements. Eg: Amaron and Exide are one of the leading battery sellers in India.



Be sure to get the help of a trained technician to carry out the installation of the car’s battery. It’s absolutely necessary that the installation is carried out responsibly. Poor battery installation can lead to the battery discharging unnecessarily, therefore lessening its life and potentially causing a breakdown.


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