Honda City Brembo Brake Overhaul

Honda City Brembo Brake Overhaul

Brembo specializes in braking components like drums, rotors, calipers, brakepads for regular as well as performance vehicles. The Italian braking component manufacturer takes pride in manufacturing high quality and high performance brake components supplying to the likes of Porsche, Ferrari and BMW.


For this reason, Cartisan recommended Brembo brake pads and rotors to a customer who was looking for a complete brake overhaul for his Honda City.


In terms of pricing, Brembo brakepads and disc rotors are comparable to that of OEM genuine parts in some mass market car brands and a lot more reasonable when it comes to premium cars. They are amongst the best after-market braking parts you can find for your car if you are looking for a change.

The Cartisan service team arrived at the customer’s doorstep at the specified date and time and the service began.

The front wheels were removed one at a time. Each brake caliper was removed from the brake rotor. The brake pads were then removed followed by the brake rotors as well.

The old brake pads and rotors were completely worn out

Brand new brake rotors and brake pads from Brembo were fitted to the car.

The wheels were then placed back onto the wheel hubs and the car was taken out for a test drive to confirm that the brake overhaul was carried out successfully.


Brembo braking components are available for quite a few popular car models in India (check here) and for most premium cars running on the Indian roads (check here). They are available for fitment through Cartisan at your doorstep or in our network workshops!

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