Getting a Mercedes-Benz GLA back into pristine condition

Getting a Mercedes-Benz GLA back into pristine condition

One of our customer’s had an unfortunate incident where his brand new Mercedes-Benz GLA made contact with a truck on his way to the train station. Lucky for him the car didn’t suffer any major damage but for a small scratch along the edges of the front grill.


The customer got in touch with Cartisan and shared a picture of the damage. The damage was assessed and the quote was provided.

The customer approved and a Cartisan Service Adviser reached the customer’s residence to pick up his vehicle.


A preliminary inspection was done at the workshop before giving the go ahead to start the work.


Being a very small scratch, there was minimal tinkering required to fill up the scratch and restore shaped to the damage area.

Once the body filler and surfacer was applied, the car was prepped for painting. The area surrounding the scratch was sanded in order to dull the paint as a new layer of paint was to be applied.

After the surfacer had dried, the car was driven into the paint booth for painting.


Since spot painting almost always provides patchy and less than perfect results, the right half of the front bumper was painted. The workshop assured that the paint would match the left side of the front bumper seamlessly.


Once the painting was completed in the booth, the car was left to dry. Typically, it takes around 3-4 hours for paint to dry.

After the paint dried, the car was parked in the detailing bay where the front bumper was sanded with wet sandpaper. This is done in order to remove the surface impurities and smoothen the painted surface.



Next, the same area is polished with the help of a rotary polishing machine and flash pad. The polishing restores the shine and blends the paint with the left side of the bumper.

The surface is buffed with the help of a microfiber cloth in order to perfect the shine.

The car is then parked in the washing bay for a full body wash. Once the car is dried down, the painted surface gets a layer of wax applied to it to improve the finish further.

The car is finally inspected to ensure there are no imperfections in the paint.


The car is then delivered back to the customer and he can forget his car was ever involved in an accident!

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