Full Service and Brake Pad and Rotor Replacements for Audi A4 2.0 TDI

Full Service and Brake Pad and Rotor Replacements for Audi A4 2.0 TDI

Cartisan recently received a service request from a customer who owns a 2012 2.0 TDi Audi A4. The request was for a complete scheduled service. The customer also complained of abnormal sounds from the wheels during braking. He also confirmed that the rear brake-pads and disc-rotors were due for replacement.

A quote was given for the complete service and rear brake pad and rotor replacements and the customer approved. A Cartisan service adviser then reached the customer’s location at the specified date and time to pick up the car.

After a quick inspection of the car it was taken to the closest Cartisan Preferred workshop. While driving the car to the workshop the Cartisan adviser felt that the front brake pads and discs could be worn out too. On visual inspection from the outside deep scoring marks were visible on the brake rotors and the brake pads looked completely worn.


The car was parked in the service bay,

The car was raised up slightly off the ground with the help of a lift. The bonnet was popped open and so that the service could begin.



The air filter was first removed from the air filter box. As you can see from the images, the air filter was completely clogged. A new air filter from Hengst was installed into the air filter compartment.



Next, the oil filter was removed from the engine block.


The cabin air filter was removed from behind the glove box and replaced with a brand new cabin filter from Hengst.



While the filter changes were in progress,all the 4 wheels were removed from the wheel hubs.


On removing the front brake pads from the brake calipers it was confirmed that the front brake pads were indeed worn out completely. This was causing the brake discs to get scored as well. Customer was informed of the same, approval was given for front brake rotor facing and front brake pad replacement, in addition to the initial scope of work. Authorized workshops typically replace the disc rotors instead of facing them in a lathe


The rear brake pads and disc rotors were removed and replaced with new brake pads and rotors from Brembo.



The front brake rotors were faced by mounting on a lathe machine. The faced rotors and new brake pads are installed to the car. New brake pads were from Textar. Textar and Brembo are both OE suppliers to all the major premium car manufacturers.



The front left brake pads of the Audi A4 comes with a brake wear sensor.


The car was then raised up completely so that the fuel filter could be replaced. The fuel filter was located on right side of the car’s underchassis. A new filter from Hengst was installed.



The oil drain nut is removed from the oil sump underneath the engine block. The oil is completely drained out before the drain nut is replaced.

The car is then lowered down and the wheels are mounted back onto the car.

New engine oil is poured into the engine. Shell Helix Synthetic Engine Oil was poured into the car’s engine block.



Bosch Red Coolant was topped up to the coolant system.



A new oil filter from hengst is then placed inside the engine block. Markings on the coolant reservoir indicates that coolant is at the maximum level.



The car was cranked and taken for a test drive. A customary Engine Insight test was carried out to check the overall engine and battery health of the car through engine data analytics.

After a thorough wash the car is then delivered back to the customer




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