The story of our first car service

The story of our first car service

This is the story of our first customer, from Bangalore. The customer was looking for a reliable service workshop and wanted to ensure he was being charged the right price.

How did Cartisan go about providing transparency and convenience to the customer…

A Cartisan driver accompanied by our qualified service advisor in charge of this appointment arrived at customer location at the scheduled time to pick up the customer’s vehicle.

The asbestos coating on the brake pads had almost completely worn out. You can see the difference in thickness between the original and used pad (on top in the picture). Once the asbestos layer on the pad is worn out, the metal that supports it comes in contact with the brake disc and this causes abrasion on the disk which could result in the need for an expensive disc replacement. Hence it is necessary to change/check brake pads at regular intervals.


You can clearly see the difference between the thickness of worn out and new brake pads in the picture.


You can see the worn out brake pads here.


Bosch brake pad : The original OEM’s parts were replaced with Bosch brake pads as you can see in the picture above.

Apart from this, it was observed that the fan belt was worn and loose. The cracks in the belt are an indicator that it is time for a replacement (in the picture below, the worn out belt is the one on top).


You can clearly see the difference between a worn out and a new fan belt (smooth and soft surface with no cracks).

Further, the vehicle also had a worn out water pump and a harder clutch. In case of a harder clutch, overhauling is required as average clutch life 70,000 kms. None of these required an immediate replacement and upon customer’s request these repairs will be scheduled for later. The vehicle can run up to another 5000kms until the next general check up.

Wheel balancing was also done along with wheel alignment, upon the customer’s request.

We were glad to provide a hassle free experience to our customer Mr. Nanda Kishore. He was pretty happy with the overall experience and the interaction with our expert service advisor. We work hard to provide you the best quality and we were glad to deliver that in our first service.


How does Cartisan work?

All you need to do is book an appointment using the Cartisan app. A qualified service advisor from Cartisan will arrive at your location and carry out an assessment of the vehicle and your need. The service advisor will then explain the nature of the issue (if any) and the immediacy of the resolution. Cartisan has an established, detailed process for identifying issues with your car so that you don’t have to guess what the problem might be. And you don’t have to wait at the service provider’s workshop at a time of their convenience – especially if you have other demands on your time. The assessment can be done at your doorstep and scheduled at your convenience using the app.

How do you know you can trust the service provider?

Cartisan has screened several workshops and service providers across the city, including both OEM authorised service providers as well as independent ones. Cartisan is also not influenced by any manufacturer. You don’t have to go around the city looking for service providers. Cartisan will come to your doorstep. You also don’t have to go in for an expensive full scale service if all you need is a routine check up or a standalone service such as a wheel alignment. Also, Cartisan service providers get rated by customers. So you will be able to see what other customers like you, think of the service provider, before you decide on engaging their services. Only if your car can’t be fixed at your doorstep or requires specific services like painting which can be done at the service provider’s workshop, will your car need to leave your doorstep.

How do you know you are being charged the right amount?

Cartisan will arrange for at least two quotes for your service need, if you so require.  And you are free to decide to whether to go with a certain service provider or not, as well as, whether to go in for the service at all. All you pay for is the assessment after which you can decide.

To book an appointment for your car, all you need to do is download the Cartisan app and place a service request. We cover everything right from car wash to regular maintenance and more. Our services are currently available in Bangalore, Mumbai and Gurgaon.

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