Choosing the Right Workshop for car body and paint repairs

Choosing the Right Workshop for car body and paint repairs

Choosing the right body shop for your car’s damage repairs is extremely crucial. It takes considerable amounts of skill to restore a damaged car body panels. OEM authorized workshops typically replace panels even if they have sustained minor damages and will cost you more. And the last thing you, as a car owner, would want to do is leave your beloved ride in the hands of someone lesser equipped to carry out the job.

Luckily for you, we’re here to help! At Cartisan, we strive to push the limits when it comes to quality repair and paint jobs. And based on Cartisan’s experience in the Aftermarket industry, here are a few tips that will help you find the right body shop for your repairs



Set Up is everything –


The first sign that a body shop is well equipped is the presence of a fully functional paint booth! A car is painted while it is parked in a paint booth. The booth is equipped with heaters so that the paint bakes and cures properly. If the paint booth is not functional/non existent, it’s likely that your car’s paint job will not be done well. A clean dust free paint shop is essential for a proper paint job!
Check painted cars – if the body shop you visit is in fact well equipped and busy, there should be atleast one car that has been painted just recently parked inside. Ask the manager to see the car so that you can be sure of the quality of his work. If the manager is confident, he will let you take a look at the car without hesitation.



A painter at work in a paintbooth.



Inspect the paint closely & carefully –


Look closely at the re-painted surface (preferably at an angle) & check how the light reflects off the surface. If the surface hasn’t been prepared properly, you’ll be able to see slight distortions in the shape of the panel. While checking paint finish, some typical indicators of job poorly done include –


– Pinholes

Pinholes require careful and close-up observation


– Swirl marks

Swirl marks are better visible under sunlight/bright light

– Paint dripping

paint dripping that has been dried up on a painted panel.


– Rough surfaces


lacking surface smoothness



If any of the above exists, the paint job is not up to the mark. A good paint job will be indistinguishable from a clean, undamaged panel painted at the factory.



Get quotations from multiple sources.


Body work is generally an expensive service, considering the level of skill and sheer amount of equipment & process involved. Some body shops offer 1 year warranty on painting. This protects against any kind of deformities that might take place on the painted panel as a result of being exposed to natural elements – heat, sunlight, rain etc. It would be wise to get quotes from multiple workshops. That being said, low cost isn’t everything. Keep the above mentioned points (1-3) in mind when assessing the quote. You might as well pay Rs 1000 more for a proper job rather than having to spend more time, money and effort in rectifying a poorly done paint job.



What Paint is used?


Check what paint is used by the workshop. Some of the more notable brands include Akzo Nobel, Dupont, 3M, BASF etc.




Cartisan has partner workshops in Bangalore that offer good quality body and paint work, standard 1 year warranty, pick up and drop as well as standardized pricing. All vehicles are quality checked before returning back. Cartisan can also assist in getting your insurance claims processed.




Written by Vfawke.

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