• Long weekend drive ahead

    11th August 2016

    Long drives can be magical. I love travelling, for me it is freedom. I am exhilarated by just writing…

  • Keep your wipers working in the rain!

    21st July 2016

    Safety is a critical concern for everyone. But, we easily forget that wipers are a key safety feature.

  • Cartisan servicing at your doorstep

    25th November 2015

    Cartisan Territory Manager Vishal Augustine reports on one of our first doorstep services in Bangalore, visiting our customer with...

  • Why it pays to get dents and scratches fixed early

    4th December 2015

    While it is common for major bumps to motivate you to take your car to a service centre to...

  • Cartisan’s top water saving tips

    30th November 2015

    Water usage and management is a hotly debated topic on a global scale. India is currently in the midst...

  • How to reduce premature tyre wear?

    7th December 2015

    Wouldn’t it be nice if car tyres lasted forever? Unfortunately, no matter what you do, there will be tyre...

  • Cartisan saves water

    2nd September 2015

    Cartisan aims to save 100 million litre of water per week with eco-friendly car wash About 71% of the...

  • Car Care Tips

    19th August 2015

    We all love our car,  irrespective of it being new or old, big or small. We want our car...

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