Cartisan servicing at your doorstep

Cartisan servicing at your doorstep

Cartisan Territory Manager Vishal Augustine reports on one of our first doorstep services in Bangalore, visiting our customer with the service team to perform a 55,000km regular service on a Honda City i-Vtec.

My customer, Mr Karthik, booked a Cartisan Doorstep Service on 22nd November 2015.

The Cartisan service team arrived at the customer’s house on time and had got to work on the vehicle within five minutes. Cartisan’s Service Advisor prepared the job card, checked the customers requirements and enquired as to any additional service requirements or issues with the vehicle.

The service/inspection began at the engine bay.

The air filter was removed and checked and it was decided that a replacement was required so a brand new Bosch air filter was fitted.

Each of the four spark plugs were removed and inspected and it was found that they were in good condition. The carbon deposits on the electrodes were cleaned with sandpaper and the electrode gap was checked with a filler gauge. After reviewing their condition the cleaned plugs were replaced in the vehicle.

Next, the engine bay was inspected for any oil leakage or abnormal wiring routes. All observations were reported to be normal.

The condition of the engine oil was checked by removing the dipstick. The oil was at the right levels but viscosity was low and the oil was past its expiry (indicated through touch, the brown colour and smell). As per regular service requirements, the oil filter was removed and the engine oil was drained. The waste oil was collected in the oil tray and disposed of. Finally, a new oil filter was fitted and fresh semi synthetic engine oil was added. The coolant was also replaced.

In order to carry out the oil filter and engine oil replacement the service technicians propped the car up with the help of a jack and a set of support stands.  The support stands are visible in the image below, along with a used air filter.

Moving on to the electrics; all of the lights, the horn and the wipers were inspected. The lights and horn were reported fine but the wiper blades were well worn and so were replaced with a new pair.

The engine was then cranked and revved up to check for any abnormalities in its operation. Conditions were good.

After work was completed in the engine bay, the service crew turned their attention to the brakes. At first the front wheels were removed, then the brake callipers were opened to inspect the brake pads on the front wheels. The front brake pads were worn out and therefore new Bosch replacements were installed. The the brake drum was opened to inspect the condition of the brake shoes on the rear wheels. The rear brake shoes appeared to be in good condition and it was estimated that they still had another 15,000km of usage in them.

Following this, the brake lines were bled so that fresh brake oil could be fed in to the brake reservoir.

Once all of this was finished the car was taken for a short test drive. At this point it was concluded that the car was in good condition and the doorstep service had been a success. The car was then washed and the tyre pressures re-checked. Apart from the test drive, the entire service was executed within two and a half hours and, with the exception of the test drive, without moving the customer’s car.

We’re delighted to report a very happy customer! Book your service today by downloading the Cartisan app.

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