Cartisan Connect

Clever connectivity

Cartisan Connect is a suite of products that will change the way you engage with your car, help you drive better, and take care of your car better

Drive Safer

Shows you real time alerts on how to improve your driving

Connected Care

Monitor your car’s engine & battery health remotely and take precautionary measures

Save Money

Better driving & preventive maintenance help you save on your car related expenses

How it works

It takes less than a minute to connect your car to the internet.

Cartisan Pod

Cartisan Pod plugs into a standard port under the dashboard of your car.

No screwdriver needed, just plug and play.

Cartisan Pod connects with your car’s computer to access data about your driving and the health of your car.


Cartisan Pod wirelessly connects with your smartphone using Bluetooth and securely sends data from your car’s computer

Data is then analyzed on our servers through proprietary algorithms.

We are constantly working to develop useful insights based on your driving.


Our app visually represents your trips and driving making even the most complex of insights easy to understand.

View regular updates on your vehicle health and alerts in case of any issues.

Cartisan Connected Care

Cartisan Connect will constantly monitor your car’s engine and battery health and provide you with real time alerts to prevent any breakdowns.

You will also receive regular health reports and recommendations in case we see a deterioration of engine parameters.

How do I get one?

Cartisan Connect is available for free when you purchase the Cartisan Ultimate Annual Car Care Package.