Cartisan saves water

Cartisan saves water

Cartisan aims to save 100 million litre of water per week with eco-friendly car wash

About 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water but still water scarcity is one of the biggest problems faced across the globe. Although many start-ups are advocate various social causes and have awareness campaigns, water conservation still remains to be an untouched domain in the start-up space.

As per a recent case study, there will be no drinking water in India by 2040, if the consumption (read wastage) of water continues at the same rate. Among the mega cities in India, Bangalore is the second highest waster of water. Out of the total water supply of 1300 MLD (million liter per day) , more than 40% of city’s water goes to waste, out of which more than 250 MLD is lost due to leakage and household wastage while the city still faces the deficit of 150 MLD against the huge demand. Bangalore loses as much water as Mysore, Mangalore, Hubli or Belgaum consume.

Among other things, water wastage during car wash is one of the common concerns. Have you ever imagined, how much water do you consume when washing a car? A normal water wash generally takes 10 buckets of 10 liters each, i.e. 100 liters of water on an average. Bangalore has 10 lakh cars and it estimated that 10 crore liters of water per week is used for car washing which is equivalent to emptying the Bellandur lake 50 times!

To save the 14 million liter water from going to waste every day, Bangalore based Cartisan is promoting Eco-friendly car wash campaign. It not only saves the water but keeps your car body in a good condition.

Here’s how it works:

  • Eco-friendly waterless car wash saves hundreds of liters of precious water.
  • We use unique moisturizing agents, lubricants and protectants.
  • Special micro-fibre towel is used to avoid scratches while wiping.
  • Water wash leads to dullness of the car paint and leaves run off marks whereas the eco-friendly car wash leaves high gloss shine and protective barrier on car’s paint.

If you start doing your bit for conserving water, you can start with something as small as making sure that your water taps don’t leak unnecessarily. If you waste a lot of your time and water every week washing your car, it’s time to stop the same. You’ll be surprised to see how a small activity like a dry car wash can save hundreds of litres of water every week with minimal efforts. Moreover, if a car is washed in the street, it can lead to water pollution in the river due to pollutants like grease which in the end is harmful for sea life. Waterless car wash is an easy way to prevent water pollution due to car wash.

Waterless car wash has been lesser known in the car owners’ community. Cartisan on-boards service providers who have expertise in waterless car wash. We also hire car cleaners and their experienced service advisors extensively train them to wash cars without water. Cartisan hopes to provide more employments and at the same time spread awareness about the eco-friendly car wash. We have seen an incredible response so far and the car owners have welcomed the waterless wash. Moreover we offer the doorstep eco-friendly wash at almost 80% discounted prices as compared to regular wash, to spread awareness.

Do your bit today for your city by getting an eco-friendly waterless car wash done by trained professionals. It not only saves the precious water but also leaves your car with a glossy shine and makes the body paint last longer than usual. It’s time to encourage startups working in the space of water conservation.






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