Vinyl Body Wraps

Give your car a sporty look!


Car Wraps to give your car that sporty look, easy to remove, leaves minimal adhesive residue on removal, does not damage paint.

ONE YEAR WARRANTY. Doorstep fitment.

Variety of shades available.

Available using Vinyl Wraps from McCal, Avery Dennisson or 3M (please note than 3M pricing is not available on this site, we will confirm pricing for 3M option once your order).

Choose from options available for your car and we will be in touch with a variety of options to choose from!

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Honda Jazz

Jazz Style 001

Jazz Style 002

Jazz Style 003

Honda City

City Style 001

City Style 002

City Style 003

City Style 004

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Swift Style 001

Swift Style 002

Swift Style 003

Ford Ecosport

Ecosport Style 001

Ecosport Style 002

Ecosport Style 003

Hyundai Elite i20

Elite i20 Style 001

Elite i20 Style 002

Elite i20 Style 003

Maruti Suzuki New Baleno

Baleno Style 001

Baleno Style 002

Baleno Style 003

Volkswagen Polo

Polo Style 001

Polo Style 002

Polo Style 003

Polo Style 004