Ultimate – Annual Car Care Package

The Cartisan Annual Car Care Package gives you peace of mind.

Car cleaning, regular service, repairs and breakdown assistance – all in one. And preferential rates on a host of other services.

Included in the package:

Cartisan Connect

1 x years subscription to Cartisan Connect

Cartisan Connect is a suite of products that will change the way you engage with your car, help you drive better, and take care of your car better

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Car Cleaning

1 x Signature Eco Wash & Wax Polish

Complete car eco wash, interior vacuum cleaning and Meguiars wax polish at your doorstep

1 x Complete Car Detailing

Interior intensive cleaning and exterior wax polish at your doorstep

Regular Service

1 x Regular Scheduled Maintenance

Recommended every 10,000 km

Including complete vehicle check up, engine oil change, oil filter replacement, air filter replacement, brakes cleaning, wheel alignment and balancing. Vehicle scanning if required.

Delivered at your doorstep or at a Cartisan Preferred Workshop

Includes parts / consumables (Engine oil semi synthetic, Oil filter, Air filter, Coolant 1 litre)

1 x Express Maintenance

Complete vehicle check up and fluid top ups

Delivered at your doorstep or at a Cartisan Preferred Workshop


2 x Minor repairs and services

Wiper blade replacement, battery replacement, diagnoses of issues, minor electrical repairs etc.

Delivered at your doorstep

Dents & Paint

Pick up & drop included for all dent and paint repairs

Insurance claim processing included for all dent and paint repairs

Breakdown Assistance

12 month breakdown service

Unlimited number of services covering flat tyre support, battery jump start, fuel delivery, upto 25 km towing in case of breakdowns


Hatch Sedan SUV Luxury
MRP ₹12000 ₹15000 ₹20000 ₹30000
Introductory price ₹9000 ₹12000 ₹15000 ₹25000

Get peace of mind for your car.

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Frequently asked questions

Why Cartisan Annual Car Care Package?

Cartisan Annual Car care package is designed to take comprehensive care of your car – including cleaning, regular servicing, check ups and handling of minor repairs and issues. Ideally suited for cars out side of the manufacturer warranty period.

What are the benefits of this package?

Key benefits – complete peace of mind, option for doorstep service / complimentary pick up and drop where applicable, range of services covering all your vehicle needs over a 12 month period
We remotely monitor your car’s engine and battery health and alert you in case of any issues thereby preventing expensive repairs

What is excluded?

Wear and tear spare parts for repairs such as brake pads, brake disc, clutch, battery, tyres additionally based on actual usage

What about spare parts?

Spare parts / consumables for regular service (Semi synthetic Engine oil, Oil filter, Air filter, Coolant) are included in the packagec. Any additional parts used will be charged additionally based on actual usage
Spare parts are from reputed manufacturer brands (Maruti Genuine, Hyundai genuine, Bosch, TVS, etc.)

Is my car eligible for this package?

All passenger cars are eligible for this package. We however would not recommend this package for cars still under manufacturer warranty. Also Cartisan Connect is compatible for most cars manufactured after 2010. We will confirm compatibility prior to your purchase.

Who provides the service?

Cartisan trained cleaning crew / technicians provide most of the services. In some cases it would be necessary to take the vehicle to Cartisan network workshops. Services at manufacturer authorized workshops are not covered in this package

Can I get a refund for partial usage and cancellation?

In case you choose to cancel your Annual Car Care package at any point in time, you will be charged only for the services you have availed till the time of cancellation at Cartisan retail prices (without discount) and the balance if any will be refunded to you.

There will be an additional cancellation charge of ₹2500 (incl. taxes) deducted from your refund amount.

What about Cartisan pod?

After vehicle compatibility check and purchase of the Ultimate AMC package, you will be provided with a Cartisan Pod device and Cartisan Connect app. We will provide the same starting early May 2017. However you are free to avail all other services from the date of start of your AMC package.

T&Cs apply, currently available in Bangalore only.
Breakdown assistance package does not apply to cars > 10 years old
Support: +91-91080-11670