Detailing – Annual Car Care Package

The Cartisan Annual Detailing Package gives you peace of mind.

Exterior and interior car detailing packages designed to keep your car shining from the outside and refreshed and clean inside

Included in the package:

Car Cleaning

1 x Exterior & Interior Refinement

Exterior surface refinement and paint restoration – to bring your car exterior back to showroom shine. Interior germ protect treatment using 3M antimicrobial foam and AC duct sanitization to completely refresh your car interiors.

2 x Eco Wash & Wax Polish

Exterior Eco wash and wax polish application followed by car interior vacuum cleaning

1 x Complete Car Detailing

Exterior Eco wash and wax polish application. Complete interior vacuum cleaning and premium foam based wash to refresh car interiors. Foam based AC duct sanitization to leave your car completely refreshed.


Hatch Sedan SUV Luxury
MRP ₹6000 ₹6500 ₹8000 ₹9000
Introductory price ₹5000 ₹5500 ₹6500 ₹7500

Keep your car looking great!

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Frequently asked questions

Why Cartisan Annual Detailing package?

Cartisan Annual Detailing package is designed to take comprehensive care of your car – including exterior paint protection and refinement, interior cleaning and germ protection and services carefully selected to ensure your car is kept clean and shiny all year.

What are the benefits of this package?

Key benefits – doorstep service, range of car detailing services covering all your vehicle needs over a 12 month period
Preferential discounts on all Cartisan services to help you keep your car in top shape.

What about materials used for detailing?

We use premium 3M / Meguiars or equivalent branded car care products only for detailing.

Is my car eligible for this package?

All passenger cars are eligible for this package.

Who provides the service?

Cartisan trained cleaning crew provide all the services.

Can I get a refund for partial usage and cancellation?

In case you choose to cancel your Annual detailing package at any point in time, you will be charged only for the services you have availed till the time of cancellation at Cartisan retail prices (without discount) and the balance if any will be refunded to you.

T&Cs apply, currently available in Bangalore only.
Support: +91-90195-61000