2010 BMW X5 E70 Service & Textar Brake Pad Replacement

2010 BMW X5 E70 Service & Textar Brake Pad Replacement

Cartisan recently carried out a BMW X5 Service & Brake Pad Replacement. The X5 had clocked 70,000km and was due for a periodic maintenance service and front brake pad replacement.


Cartisan provided a quote to the customer for the following items for his BMW X5

  • Engine Oil Replacement (5W40 Fully Synthetic)
  • Oil Filter Replacement
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Fuel Filter Replacement
  • Cabin Filter Replacement
  • Front Brake Pad Replacement (Textar Brake Pads)
  • Complete Vehicle Checkup


The customer approved and the Cartisan Service Team arrived at the customer’s location to pick up the car at the specified date & time.


BMW X5 Service & Brake Pad Replacement


The Cartisan Service Adviser parked the BMW X5 in the service bay. The technician popped open the bonnet, loosened the wheel lug nuts and raised the car up with the help of a 2 post lift.



He removed the engine shield from underneath the X5 and unscrewed the oil drain nut to drain the engine oil.


The Cartisan technician removed the air filter from the air filter housing and replaced it with a brand new air filter from Mahle Filters.



He removed the oil filter from the engine block and replaced it with a brand new oil filter from Mann Filters.



The fuel filter is located underneath the X5 towards the left rear side of the chassis. The Cartisan technician locates the fuel filter and removed it. He replaced it with a brand new fuel filter from Mann Filters.



The Cartisan technician removed the cabin filter housing which is located in the engine bay and replaced a set of 2 cabin filters.



The technician removed the wheels and removed the brake pads from the brake calipers. He installed brand new brake pads from Textar into the front brake calipers.



The technician mounted all 4 wheels back onto the hubs and tightened the lug nuts. He lowered the BMW to the ground. The Cartisan Adviser took the X5 out for a test drive to confirm that the work was completed successfully.



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BMW Service & Maintenance Costs


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Watch the video of the service on the player below!


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