BMW X5 Air Suspension Replacement (Rear) | 2010 E70

BMW X5 Air Suspension Replacement (Rear) | 2010 E70

This article briefly describes a BMW X5 Air Suspension Replacement. The Cartisan Service team carried out the suspension replacement at a Cartisan Workshop.


The BMW X5 E70


The BMW X5 E70 was the successor to the X5 E53. The E70 is marginally wider and longer than the previous generation X5 but stands at the same height as the E53.


The E70 featured many new technological accomplishments by BMW. Among those are the electronic ‘Joystick’ gearshit, LED taillamps, HUD, active steering, active damping and Dynamic Drive. The Dynamic Drive tech was really a gamechanger. It uses active anti-roll bars which use a hydraulic servo in the middle to actively counteract body roll.


The interiors are nothing like the previous gen X5. Even by today’s standards, its fairly modern and the cabin is much more spacious than the older E53.


BMW X5 Air Suspension Replacement


The E70 is equipped with air suspension springs or ballons made out of vulcanized rubber in the rear. This helps in providing a constant smooth ride and adds additional comfort to to the passengers seated in the rear but it also means that the air springs are more prone to damages. The rear air springs of this particular E70 had cracks which was causing air to leak from them. As a result, the X5 would not be suspended properly at the rear. In this condition, its virtually impossible to drive the E70 properly.


Cartisan provided the customer with an estimate to replace the rear air springs for the X5. The customer agreed and a Cartisan Service Engineer brought the X5 to the Cartisan Preferred Workshop.



Work Process


At the workshop, the Mechanic parked the car in the service bay and lifted it up with the help of a two post lift. He removed the rear wheels from the X5. The air springs are secured in place by a twist-lock mechanism. The Mechanic removed the deflated rear air springs. He inspected them and identified multiple cracks in the surface of the vulcanized rubber.



He then installed brand new air springs into the rear spring slot of the X5. The Mechanic connected the air hoses that supply air to the springs by virtue of an air compressor to the springs. The Mechanic lowered the X5 down to the ground. A Cartisan Electrician connected a scanning device to the car’s ECU and caliberated the pneumatic air suspension system (air compressor + air springs). He confirmed the X5 Air suspension replacement was a success.



Premium Car Air Suspension Replacement – Simplified


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