2017 BMW X1 Service & Brake Pad Replacement (EBC)

2017 BMW X1 Service & Brake Pad Replacement (EBC)

I’ve written this article to describe, briefly, a 2017 BMW X1 Service & EBC Brake Pad replacement.


The BMW X1 F48


Wikipedia describes the first generation X1, also known as the E84, as a ”subcompact SUV”. I completely disagree. It’s a stationwagon! The E48 was built on the same platform as the E91 3 series touring model. So in-effect, the E84 xdrive20d is a 320d in a different outfit! Obviously there are subtle changes in weight distribution and driving dynamics but, for the average joe, it makes no difference! Like its faster step-sister-car, the E84 was fitted with BMW’s 2.0 diesel engine which sent the power to the rear wheels! This together with BMW’s superb driving DNA was the recipe for success! You couldn’t ask for a cooler station wagon.



The second and latest generation X1 (F48), however, is a completely different machine. Its built on the UKL2 platform which suits a range of front and four-wheel drive models, models like the Mini Countryman & the Mini Clubman. That’s right, no more rear wheel drive fun! The sDrive variant gets front wheel drive while the xDrive20d is four-wheel drive. The 2.0L, 228 horsepower, 4 cylinder engine bolted to its chassis still packs a punch! Its so powerful that this particular sDrive20d cooked its Pirellis in a mere 20,000km! Well before the rears were worn out.



The new X1 stands much more taller than the old gen and sits on 18 inch Pirelli tyres which comes as standard. The downside of the increased ride height is that the F48 doesn’t feel as planted as the old X1 when going around corners. There’s a hint of understeer and loads of torque steer which can get a bit annoying at times. In terms of features, the new X1 is definitely an upgrade! The F48 boasts features such as adaptive cruise control, autmatic high beams, collision warning, LED headlights etc.




In short, the new X1 is a beautiful car, inside & out. It drives well and I welcome the new changes albeit with a slightly heavy heart because the old one was just more fun!

2017 BMW X1 Service 


Being the assigned Service Engineer & Adviser, I arrived at the customer’s address, at his convenient date and time, to pick up the X1. Having completed the necessary formalities, the customer handed over his BMW X1. I then drove the car to the closest Cartisan Preferred Workshop where a Cartisan Mechanic was waiting to carry out the service.


Once at the shop, I reversed the car into the service bay. The Mechanic lifted the bonnet open and once I had stepped out of the vehicle, he used the lift to raise the car up.



Underneath the car, the Mechanic located the engine oil drain plug. He unscrewed it and drained out the oil from the engine oil sump completely. Afterwards, he removed the oil filter from underneath the engine block. The mechanic replaced this used filter with a brand new one from Hengst Filters. Part no : E833H D321.



The mechanic lowered the car back down and this time, he removed the dirty air filter from its compartment and replaced it with a brand new one from Hengst Filters. Part no : E1280L.




Brake Overhaul


At Cartisan, we insist that customers get a complete vehilce inspection a few days before the service date so that the Cartisan Service Team can recommend any additional replacements or repairs and arrange parts for the same.


As a result, we could inform the customer beforehand that the rear brake pads on his X1 were due for replacement. The customer opted to install EBC Ultimax2 Brake Pads. Made in UK, EBC brake pads are known for their noise-free formula and as the world’s first ECO FRIENDLY brakes.



The Mechanic replaced the rear brake pads of the X1 with brand new EBC Ultimax2 brake pads. He checked the front brake pads to find that they were in good condition, approximately 60-70% worn. Since they were useable for another 5000km (subject to driving) he cleaned them & placed them back inside the brake calipers.



After he completed the brake overhaul, the Mechanic placed the 18” wheels back onto the X1. He lowered the car down to the ground. He then opened a brand new 4L can of Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 engine oil and emptied its contents into the engine sump. The X1 consumes 5.2 liters in total so after the.


Inspection Checklist


While the Mechanic was working on the X1 I was able to inspect other parts of the car for signs of damage. I checked the suspension, body panels, interiors, electricals etc. I filled up a comprehensive checklist on my Cartisan Field App based on my observations and sent the same to the customer’s email address. This is useful to the customer to make a note of what parts were replaced at the time of service and what additional requirements he needs to consider for the future.


Finally, I got behind the wheel and took the car out for a test drive. The engine felt smoother as a result of the fresh engine oil. The brakes felt sharper and there was a noticeable improvement in the acceleration as though the engine could breathe freely; Courtesy, Hengst filters. After a couple of other tests, I confirmed that the service was a success.



BMW Service – Simplified


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Photographs, writing & video by Vfawke.

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