BMW X1 F48 Brake Pad Replacement

BMW X1 F48 Brake Pad Replacement

I’ve written this article to briefly describe a BMW X1 Brake Pad Replacement. The model was a 2016 F48, the latest generation.



The BMW X1


Compared to the old model, the new BMW X1 is a completely new car. After nearly 7 years or producing the station wagon version of the BMW 3, BMW have completely revised their new X1.


Arguably the new X1 isn’t that much better to drive. The new X1 F48 is driven by the front wheels which takes away a bit of the fun. And yet, it seems more sensible than the outgoing model. The new X1 sits much higher than its predecessor. Although this sacrifices the handling and sporty drive that the old one had, it still gives it a big car feel and compares to the likes of the Audi Q3, Mercedes Benz GLA.


The F48 is a good looking car too. It gets a much more fresher looking design and if you opt for the M kit, you get flared bumpers, sporty M-badged mag wheels, M-badged steering wheels, to name a few.


Verdict – although its quite heartbreaking to lose that pure BMW feel of driving that the old X1 had, the new one adds a different dimension to the BMW model range. Not to mention, much more useable on Indian roads.



BMW X1 Brake Pad Replacement – 2016 F48


We, the Cartisan Service team, reached the customer’s location on the specified date and time.


The Cartisan Mechanic loosened the wheel lug nuts and used a hydraulic jack to lift the X1 up. We were to replace only the front brake pads of the F48 X1. The Mechanic popped the bonnet open and removed the brake fluid reservoir cap to allow pressure to escape.



The Mechanic removed the wheels to reveal the X1’s brake rotors and calipers. He loosened the caliper bolts which holds the caliper to the knuckle. The Mechanic removed the brake pads from inside the caliper. The brake pads were worn enough to alert the warning display on the instrument cluster & iDrive system.


The Mechanic used a C-clamp to compress the brake piston. He did this in order to create space for the new thicker EBC brake pads. He installed the new EBC brake pads into the caliper brackets and placed the caliper cover on top of them and screwed it shut.



EBC, UK, manufactures OE spec and performance brake pads for a wide range of cars. The front brake pad part number from EBC for the X1 is DPX2227.



The Cartisan Mechanic mounted the wheels back onto the F48 and lowered it down to the ground. I cranked the engine and pumped the brake pedal to ensure fluid levels are adequate and the fluid flows in the system.


I reset the brake pad wear warning and took the car for a test drive and confirmed that the brake overhaul was a success.



BMW Service – Simplified


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Watch the video of the service on the player below.


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