2010 BMW 330i E90 Suspension Replacement

2010 BMW 330i E90 Suspension Replacement

Cartisan recently carried out a BMW Suspension Replacement. The model was a 2010 E90 330i. The car had clocked around 92,000km on the odometer.

The complaint…

The customer complained of clattering noises from the front end of the car while driving on rough roads. The Cartisan team carried out an inspection to determine that the following components needed replacement

  • Lower Control Arms (2 sets)
  • Tie Rod ends & ball joints

Cartisan provided a quote to the customer. The customer accepted the quote & arrived at the Cartisan Preferred Workshop on the specified date and time.

BMW 330i E90 Suspension Replacement

The Cartisan adviser parked the BMW 330i in the service bay. The Cartisan technician raised the BMW E90 up with the help of a 2 post lift.



The technician removed the front wheels. He unscrewed the tie rod ends and ball joints. The technician unbolted the control arms from the chassis and the knuckle.



He replaced the control arms & tie rod ends & joints with brand new ones from Lemforder.


The technician lowered the car to the ground and the adviser took the car to a wheel alignment center. At the alignment center, the technician made adjustments to the suspension for optimum handling.

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BMW Suspension Replacement – Simplified


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You can also watch the video of the service on the player below!

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