BMW Service – E90 320d Regular Service

BMW Service – E90 320d Regular Service

Time for your car’s service? Read on here about how Cartisan carried out a BMW Service. Namely, the E90 320d. If you’ve read our other articles you probably know that the E90 320d is high up on our list of all time favourite cars!


Preliminary Inspection


Being a regular Cartisan customer, the owner of the car new how to go about the service process. To be on the safer side, he requested for a complete vehicle inspection a few days prior to the service. The Cartisan service team visited the customer’s location to carry out a detailed inspection of his car. Our service team inspected the car thoroughly. They informed the customer that he would have to replace his rear brake pads in addition to the periodic maintenance service.


The Cartisan support team shared a quote as per the confirmed requirements. The customer accepted and an appointment was scheduled.



BMW Service – E90 320d




The Cartisan Service team picked up the BMW 320d on the appointment date and drove the car to the Cartisan Preferred Workshop. Once at the workshop, the service adviser parked the 320d in the service bay. The Mechanic popped the bonnet open and took a few minutes to check that all was ok inside the engine bay. Afterwards, the he placed the arms of the lift underneath the 320d and raised the car up.


First, he removed all 4 wheels from the 320d and kept them aside. Next, he proceeded to remove the underchassis engine-shield from the 320d so that he could access the oil drain nut. He unscrewed the nut and drained the oil out from the sump. Once he was sure that the oil was completely the Mechanic placed the drain nut back and tightened it.


The Mechanic then removed the oil filter from the engine bay and replaced it with a brand new filter from Hengst. As a matter of fact, the mechanic replaced all of the BMW’s filters – air filter, fuel filter, cabin filter & oil filter – with brand new ones from Hengst.



The Mechanic located the fuel filter underneath the chassis, towards the center of the 320d. The AC filter was located inside the engine compartment along with the air filter & oil filter.



Brake Pad Replacement & Overhaul


The Mechanic first attended to the rear brake pads. Knowing that they needed replacement, he unboxed a set of brand new Brembo rear brake pads straight away. He installed these in place of the worn brake pads that were already on the 320d. The brake rotors were ok so didn’t require replacement.


At Cartisan we recommend Brembo brake components for your luxury car! To know more click here.


For the front brakes, the Mechanic simply removed the brake pads from the calipers and cleaned them. He used sandpaper to do so. After close inspection of the brake calipers, caliper brackets, brake lines and a general inspection of the underchassis, the Mechanic mounted all the wheels back onto the 320d and lowered the car down to the ground.


Finally, after having replaced all the filters and cleaning/replacing the brakes, the Mechanic opened up a can of Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 synthetic engine oil and poured it into the engine block.


The Adviser got behind the wheel of the 320d, cranked up the engine and took the car out for a test drive. Later on, he confirmed that the Regular Service was a success.


BMW Service & Repairs – Simplified


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