BMW Brake Pad Replacement | 2013 320d F30

BMW Brake Pad Replacement | 2013 320d F30

I’ve written this article to describe, briefly, a BMW brake pad replacement that the Cartisan Service Team carried out.



BMW Brake Pad Replacement, 320d F30


The car in question today is a 2013 F30 320d. The successor to the E90, the F30 hasn’t changed much under its skin. The brake components are largely similar in specification.


The owner of the 320d called Cartisan after he saw the brake pad replacement warning flashing on the dash. Based upon a preliminary inspection, the Cartisan Service Team could inform the 320d’s owner that along with brake pads, the F30 was due for brake rotor replacement. Typically, premium cars like Audi’s and BMW’s replace their brake rotors every alternate brake pad pad replacement. This ofcourse depends on how one drives. The gentler you are on the brakes, the longer they will last.


Cartisan provided the customer with a FREE quotation, which the customer viewed via the Cartisan app. The customer preferred to opt for BMW original brake pads. Once the parts were received, the Cartisan Service Team scheduled a doorstep brake pad installation with the owner of the 320d.

Work Starts..


The service team arrived in a service vehicle upon the set appointment date and time. The Mechanic took out a hydraulic jack from the Cartisan Service Vehicle. He placed this jack underneath the 320d and used it to lift the car up. Afterward, he removed the wheels from the car to reveal the brake pads and rotors. Next, to access the brake rotors, the Mechanic removed the brake pads along with the calipers. He unscrewed and unmounted the brake rotors from the wheel hub.


The new genuine BMW brake components were removed from their boxes and the Mechanic installed them. First, he installed the rotors and then mounted the brake calipers onto the rotors, with the new pads fitted to them.


Cartisan recommends Brembo brake components as they are less expensive than BMW OEM parts, yet of similar quality.


The Mechanic replaces the rear brake components of the 320d


The Mechanic installs new brake components on the front left side of the axle


Old vs New BMW OEM Rear Brake Discs


Old Vs New BMW OEM Rear Brake Pads


Afterward, the mechanic repeated this process for the remaining 3 wheels. The F30 is equipped with brake wear sensors on the left front and left rear wheels, which the mechanic replaced.


Finally, he lowered the 320d to the ground after placing all the wheels back on. He ensured the wheel lug nuts had been sufficiently tightened before signalling to the Service Adviser. The Adviser then got behind the wheel of the 320d and took it out for a test drive. He confirmed that the brake overhaul was a success.


BMW Service – Simplified


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