BMW 730 LD F02 Regular Service by Cartisan

BMW 730 LD F02 Regular Service by Cartisan

I’ve written this article to briefly describe a BMW 7 Series Service carried out by us at Cartisan!

The BMW 730Ld


If you’ve never been in a car as luxurious as a BMW 730Ld, you’re definitely missing out on something. The 730Ld is a big sedan. This particular 730Ld is called the F02 and has a wheel base measured at 3.2 meters! The entire car is around 5.2 meters long! This means uber luxury for passengers seated in the rear. Despite being so large, the rear seats only 2. Each passenger gets his/her own TV monitor, seat adjustment controls and access to the BMW iDrive system, similar to what is available in the front center console for the “smaller” BMWs.


If you plan to buy one then you’re better off with a chauffeur. When you drive this car it’s as though you’re steering a boat. You feel the length as you take turns. That being said, the BMW 730Ld is very quick and easy to maneuver. The bonnet stretches on for miles ahead of you so it isn’t the easiest car to drive in the city but on highways, its as good as flying business class.



BMW 7 Series Service – 730Ld F02 with Mitasu & Hengst


The customer’s chauffeur brought the 730Ld to the Cartisan Preferred Workshop and parked the car in the service bay. The Mechanics immediately got to work by placing the arms of the two post lift underneath the 730Ld to lift it up. A mechanic popped the bonnet open and the service was underway.



A mechanic used the two post lift to raise the 730Ld up so that he could remove the under chassis engine cover. He removed the cover to reveal the engine oil sump and the oil drain nut. He unscrewed the drain nut and drained the oil completely from the engine block.



The Mechanics then lowered the BMW down and replaced the four filters, two of which are located in the engine bay. Namely, the air filter and oil filter.


The F02’s massive 3.0 diesel engine requires a massive air filter which is located on top of the engine block. A Mechanic removed the air filter from and installed a brand new one from Hengst Filters. He removed the oil filter from the engine block and installed a brand new oil filter from Hengst Filters. As usual for Bimmers, the fuel filter for the 730Ld is located underneath the car towards the left side. The Mechanic removed the metal fuel filter from its bracket and replaced it with a new OEM BMW Filter.



The Mechanic also removed the cabin air filter, located behind the glove compartment, and replaced it with a brand new one from Hengst.

Brake Cleaning



The Mechanics removed the wheels from the BMW 730Ld to reveal massive brake rotors and calipers in the front. The rear brake components are similar to what’s fitted to the rear for the BMW 5 series. The brake calipers were opened so that the brake pads could be removed and cleaned with the use of emery paper. The front and rear brake pads for this particular 730Ld were useful for another 5000km approximately.



Finally, the Mechanics poured approximately 6.5 liters of Mitasu 5W-40 fully synthetic engine oil in the engine block. I cranked the engine and took the 730Ld out for a test drive to confirm that the work was carried out successfully.


BMW Service & Maintenance – Simplified


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Watch the video of the service on the player below!


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