BMW 530d M Sport General Service

BMW 530d M Sport General Service


Cartisan received a request for servicing a BMW 530d M Sport. The customer was intimated by the car’s iDrive system that his car’s service was due. After providing a final quotation upfront, the customer approved and the car was picked up to be serviced.


On reaching the workshop, the car was checked thoroughly and a checklist was filled based on the condition of the car which is available for the customer to view in the Cartisan app.


The car was parked in the service bay and raised up with the help of a lift.

The engine oil drain nut is removed from underneath the engine block. The oil is completely drained out and the drain nut is screwed back in place.

The fuel filter is located in the center underneath the car towards the left side of the vehicle. All the protecting padding is removed in order to access this filter. The old filter is removed and replaced with a brand new one from Hengst.

The vehicle is then brought down and the oil filter is removed from the engine. The new filter from Hengst is placed inside.


The engine is filled up with 7.5L of Shell Helix Fully Synthetic engine oil.

The air filter is located in the engine bay and is removed. The new air filter is placed inside the filter housing and the housing is clamped shut.

The cabin filters need to be replaced next. These filters are located behind the glove compartment in front of the front passenger seat. For this particular vehicle, there are 2 cabin air filters, both of which are replaced with new ones.

Coolant is siphoned out of the coolant tank. 2 liters of blue coolant is added with a water dilution ratio of 1:3.

The engine is cranked and left to idle for sometime for oil to circulate inside the block.


The car is then parked in the washing bay where the interiors are first air blown to get the dirt out of all the carpets and then vacuum cleaned.


Door pads and dashboard is wiped clean and the exterior gets a nice soapy foam wash to make the car spotlessly clean.


The car is then taken out for a test drive to confirm that the service is completed successfully. The car is then delivered back to the customer.


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