BMW 530 D MSport Front Brakes Overhaul

BMW 530 D MSport Front Brakes Overhaul

Cartisan received a service request for a brake pad replacement for a BMW 530d M Sport. The iDrive system on the car indicated that the front brake pads are worn out and require an immediate replacement.

The customer contacted Cartisan upon seeing the warning indication on his iDrive system and within a couple of hours, the Cartisan Service team arrived at the customer’s doorstep to carry out a front brake pad replacement.


The parts that needed to be replaced included 1 set of brake pads, for both the front left and front right wheels, as well as the brake pad wear sensor. The brake pad wear sensor fits into the brake calipers and gets activated once the brake pad wear reaches a certain level.

The following are the steps involved in replacing the brake pads –


The car is raised up using a hydraulic jack and the wheel are removed

The brake calipers are removed from the brake rotor.

The brake pads are removed from the brake calipers

The difference between the old and new brake pads are shown below

The new brake pads are fitted into the calipers and the caliper is placed back onto the brake rotor

Once the caliper is fitted securely, the sensor is then connected to the brake caliper.


The brake pad wear sensor for this particular 530d is fitted to the brake pads of the left front wheel.
After the brake pads are replaced for both the front wheels, the car is lowered down and is taken for a drive to test to confirm that the brake pad replacement was completed successfully

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