BMW 520d Brake Pad Replacement

BMW 520d Brake Pad Replacement

I’ve written this article to describe a BMW 520d brake pad replacement carried out by the Cartisan Service Team. The team consists of a service adviser and a mechanic.


In this particular instance, the service was carried out at the car owner’s doorstep.



BMW 520d Brake Pad Replacement – How to Book?


First, you need to download the Cartisan app. The app is available for FREE on the Google Play store or if you’re an apple user, the Appstore. Using the app you can enter all relevant details of your car and request for an estimate – brake overhaul, regular services etc. Be sure to enter all your details accurately so that the Cartisan Service team can respond with the most accurate quote possible.

Once you’ve received your quote you can decide a date and time for your appointment. And the rest, will be a hassle-free experience.



BMW 520d Brake Pad Replacement – How its done.


The Cartisan Service Team arrived at the service location on the predetermined date and time. The owner of the 520d parked his car in a safe location such that the Cartisan Service Team could carry out the brake pad installation without difficulty.


The Mechanic popped open the bonnet of the BMW and placed a jack underneath the car. He used this jack to raise the car up on its side. Thereafter, he proceeded to remove the left front wheel to reveal the brake components. The front brake pads for the 520d were worn out and so the Mechanic removed these from the brake calipers and installed a set of brand new Brembo brake pads.



In order to remove the brake pads from its calipers, the Mechanic used a socket wrench and a screw driver. Details of the new Brembo brake pads are mentioned in the infographic below.


To find out Brembo brake pad details of the BMW 520d, click here.


The Mechanic repeated this process for the right front wheel. He installed a brand new brake wear sensor in place of the old for this BMW. This sensor warns the driver when the brake pads are excessively worn.


Finally, the mechanic signalled to the service adviser that he had completed the work. The service adviser got behind the wheel and took the car out for a quick test drive to confirm that the brake pad replacement was completed successfully.



BMW Service & Repairs – Simplified


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