BMW 320d Suspension Replacement with Bilstein Rear Struts

BMW 320d Suspension Replacement with Bilstein Rear Struts

Cartisan recently carried out a BMW 320d Suspension Replacement with rear struts from Bilstein. If you have come across this article in search of trusted BMW service providers, read on…

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Our clients get in touch with us through the Cartisan app which is available for FREE! Using the app, you can request for an estimate or you can directly book the service of your choice!

You can also reach us on the Cartisan website, if apps are not of your taste. On to the actual work now..

In this particular case, the owner felt as though the rear of the 320d was particularly stiff through potholes. Rattling noises were observed too.  The owner used the Cartisan app to book an inspection. Therefore, the Cartisan team could provide the owner, our client, with a detailed inspection report before the actual service could commence. This is critical as its important to know what exactly the condition of the car is before starting any kind of repair work. The Cartisan team identified that the rear struts were weak and so provided a comprehensive estimate for its replacement.


BMW 320d Suspension Replacement



On the date and time specified by the client, the car was brought to a Cartisan Preferred Workshop. In this case the client drove the car to the workshop himself. Cartisan also offers pick up and drop services.

The Cartisan Adviser parked the 320d in the service bay. After completing one more quick inspection, the technician placed the arms of the lift underneath the chassis of the 320d and, using the lift, raised the car up.

The technician, trained by Cartisan, proceeded to remove the rear wheels of the BMW. Next, he removed the rear struts from its position and replaced it with a brand new one from Bilstein.

Bilstein is a world leader in the manufacture of suspension components. 

Once the rear struts were replaced on both sides, the technician mounted the wheels back onto the 320d, secured them and lowered the 320d to the ground. Finally, after a thorough inspection, he signalled to the Cartisan adviser that the work was completed. Afterwards, the adviser took the 320d out for a test drive to confirm that the Suspension replacement was done successfully!

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