BMW 320d Front Suspension Replacement | Sachs Struts

BMW 320d Front Suspension Replacement | Sachs Struts

This article briefly describes a BMW 320d Front Suspension Replacement.


Step 1 : Request for an Estimate

Its simple. Just download the Cartisan app from the Google Playstore or App store, enter your details and register yourself. You can then request an estimate from the Cartisan app’s home screen. In this case, the car owner placed a request and the Cartisan Service Team immediately responded. The car owner provided his 320d’s chassis/VIN number (typically found on RC card or inside the engine bay) using which the Cartisan could provide him with a detailed estimate – part numbers, make, prices. The customer, satisfied with the quote, approved for the purchase of spares.


Step 2 : Scheduling an appointment

Cartisan has partnered with a number of workshops across Bengaluru city and picks the workshop most convenient for you. The Service Team fixed on a location on the requested date and the appointment was scheduled.

On the appointment date, the Cartisan Service Team arrived at the customer’s address, picked up his BMW and drove it to the Cartisan Preferred workshop.


Step 3: Behind the Scenes – BMW 320d Suspension Replacement



At the workshop, the Cartisan Adviser parked the 320d in the service bay. Here, the technician carried out a preliminary inspection. After he had confirmed that all was OK, he secured the arms of the lift underneath the chassis and raised the car up slightly. The technician loosened the bolts that attaches the front struts to the chassis.


Afterwards, he removed the front wheels of the BMW and detached all the suspension components – lower control arms, stabilizer link rods & tie rod ends – from the wheel hub. Thereafter, he proceeded to detached the strut assembly (shock absorber assembly) from the chassis of the BMW 320d. Next, the technician along with his colleague dismantled the spring and removed it from the strut. To do this, he first removed the strut mount which is on top. You can see the parts in the image below.



The technician assembled the springs with a new set of front struts from Sachs, a German OES spares manufacturer. The technician fit these strut assemblies to the 320d and lowered the car back to the ground. He tightened the bolts holding the strut to the chassis of the 320d as well as fastened the linkages connecting the strut to the front axle. Finally, the technician mounted the wheels back onto the 320d and tightened the lug-nuts.


The adviser took the car out for a test drive and confirmed that the work was carried out successfully.


While the technician works on the BMW, the adviser inspects other check points and sends an inspection report to the customer via e-mail. 

BMW Services & Repairs – Simplified

So what are you waiting for? Require a FREE estimate? Just download the Cartisan app and get in touch with us. We pride ourselves on professional, reasonable and hassle-free services along with personalized customer care!








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